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Japanese TD branch proposal (2 potential lines?)

WorldofTanks2 - Japanese TD branch proposal (2 potential lines?)

Big thanks to everyone that gave feedback and had a look at my Czech TD proposal, the feedback was amazing and it was great to see everyone’s opinions on it

Today we're going to talk about Japanese TDs. The fact that Chinese TDs, most of which never even existed were introduced into the game before Japanese TDs, which there are a bloody load of. Most of these tanks I’m going to propose were either built, or had mock ups of them made, with 1 or 2 blueprinted tanks thrown in there. Please leave your thoughts and feedback, they're much appreciated 🙂

Tier 2 – Ho Ru – This was based on the Ha go, and the project started in 1945. It was started because the current Japanese Ha go's were unable to compete against the new US tanks, such as the Sherman. 1 prototype was apparently built and it underwent trials, but the war ended before mass production could be started. In game it would play a-lot like the AT1, the Russian tier 2 TD. It would have 2 gun choices, the Type 1 47mm gun and the Type 5 47mm gun with increased penetration. This Type 5 gun was able to penetrate 50mm of armour at 500 metres. The mobility would be a strong point however. Overall, quite an under powered tier 2 TD compared to its counterparts.

Tier 3 – Ho Ni – Historically there were 3 variants of the Ho Ni. The Ho Ni 1, Ho Ni 2 and Ho Ni 3. The Ho Ni 1 had the Type 90 75mm Gun, the Ho Ni 2 had the 105mm Type 91 Howitzer and the Ho Ni 3 had the Type 3 75mm gun. Instead of making these tanks separate in the tech tree I elected to combine them even though historically they were 3 separate vehicles. The tank has pretty much no armour, the hull would be ok as it is the Chi ha’s hull, but the casemate would be penetrable by pretty much everything it faces.

Tier 4 – Hi Ro Sha – As most of you know the Japanese army built 4 Type 95 heavy tanks in 1934, sometimes we wish they didn’t because those things are awful in world of tanks. Anyway, they decided that the tank wasn’t useful for the Japanese army, but decided 2 of the chassis and turn them into tank destroyers. There were 2 plans, the Hi Ro Sha was the one which involved having no turret or super structure and mounting the Type 14 105mm gun at the front of the vehicle. This thing in game would have very little armour, but pack a very deadly gun. For stock guns, it would have a choice of the 75mm guns that the tier 3 Ho Ni uses, these would also be decent at tier 4 for people that aren’t big fans of derp guns. The mobility would be extremely poor, so this would basically be a glass cannon, and if caught in the open pretty much target practise for anyway within line of sight of it. Would need to be played as a sniper.

Tier 5 – (Line 1) – Ho To – The Ho To is an experimental tank that was based on the Ha-go’s chassis. Historically it used the type 38 120mm Short barrelled howitzer in an open top case mate. Because it was made in a rush to defend the Japanese homeland from the US only a single tank was known to have been converted. In game it would play a lot like the IKV 103. For a stock gun it would be able to use the Ho Ni’s top gun, this would be for players who aren’t huge fans of derp guns. The 120mm would be a beast, but the gun stats such as aim time and accuracy would be the worst for tier 5. This would make the choice between this and the 75mm a hard one, as the 75mm would be a much more reliable gun. The tank is extremely tiny, so like I said, would play much like the IKV103.

Tier 5 – (Line 2) – Na To – Near the end of the war the Japanese commanders realised that they needed a much more powerful tank to deal with the armoured vehicles of the allies. When the Japanese Surrender was broadcasted over 70 vehicles had started, with 30 of those being 70% complete. Historically The tank used the same Type 5 75mm gun that the stock Chi To uses. There was however another gun that was considered to be used, the Experimental 7.5 cm Anti-Tank Gun Type Ge. This was essentially a copy of the German 7,5 cm Pak 41 gun. The stock gun would be the Type 3 75mm gun, 2nd gun being the type 5 75mm gun, and the top gun being the Experimental 7.5 cm Anti-Tank Gun Type Ge. This tank is bloody huge and the armour is 12mm max, so if you get spotted in the open do not expect people to miss or bounce off of your armour. Note that this has a fully rotating turret (The tier 6 in this line does as well). In general, quite a nice tank when fully upgraded, but awful when stock.

Tier 6 (Line 1) – Ho Ro – It was pretty much impossible to do Japanese TDs without this absolute beast. Say hello to pretty much a Japanese SU152, just without any armour whatsoever and based on a chi ha chassis. It was highly inspired by the Grille series of artillery that Germany were producing. Around 12 of these things were built, and they used the 150mm Type 38 Howitzer. It would be a glass cannon, very little armour, speed wouldn’t be too bad at 38 kmph but nothing too special, but the gun would be very frightening to anyone staring down its barrel. The stock gun would be the Type 3 75mm that is on the Ho Ni. This was definitely never used and I highly doubt the Japanese ever considering downgrading the weapon the Ho Ro had, but I’m putting this on so you don’t just get given a 155mm gun as soon as you research the tank. Original plan was to make this a tier 7 TD but literally nothing else fitted into tier 6 on this branch so yeah, here it is, in all its glory.

Tier 6 – (Line 2) – Ka To – This is essentially a Na To on steroids. During 1943 development had started on a 105mm that could fight against the allies. This lead to the 10cm Tank gun type 5. The Ka To was designed to use this gun. It would play a lot like the Na To before it, just with a meatier top gun. It would have the choice of 3 guns, the 2 better 75mm’s that the Na To had, but in addition would have the 10cm. Not much else to say, looks pretty much the exact same as the Na To, fully rotating turret, would be quite a nice tank destroyer.

Tier 7 (Line 1) – Ho Chi – I couldn’t find much on this tank, there was only a few drawings so this is 1 of very few tanks on my branches that was never actually produced. Basically, it’s a chi ha with a bunch of big ass guns to choose from. The stock gun would be the rather lack lusted Type 5 75mm gun that is on the Chi To and the Na To. Would make the stock grind absolute shit. The 2nd gun to unlock would be a 150mm gun, and the 3rd and final gun would be a 120mm. Because there were only drawings it’s hard to tell what guns they were exactly, but I’m going to take a swing and guess the 150mm was the Oho’s gun and the 120mm was the stock Type 4s gun. Would make this pretty much a Japanese SU152, with a derp gun and an anti-tank gun to choose from. These 2 guns would make the stock grind worth it (Hopefully) but the armour, being a chi ha with a casemate would be awful.

Tier 7 – (Line 2) – Ho Ri 1 – The Ho Ri 1 was the first stage of the Ho Ri Project. It featured a rear mounted casemate on a Chi Ri chassis. This vehicle would have the choice of 2 familiar guns, the 2 10cm guns that are on the Oni. The stock gun would be the same that was on the Ka To at tier 6, and the top gun would be the top gun on the Oni. This gun would have insanely good DPM and gun stats. The tank, like the tier 8 and 9 have very mediocre armour, really only capable of bouncing lower tier tanks and the occasional same tiered tank. Would play a lot like the SU100M1.

Tier 8 – (Line 2) Ho Ri 2 – The Ho Ri 2 was the 2nd stage of the Ho Ri Project. This time the case mate was located on the center of the vehicle. This would also give room for better gun depression. It would have the choice of the top gun on the previous vehicle and the 12.7cm gun that you can find on the type 4 heavy. This gun has 450 damage and 230mm of penetration. What it lacks for in damage and pen it will make up for with DPM. A general rule with all Japanese TDs (Mainly in this line) is that no vehicle of the same tier can outdo them in DPM, they have little armour and mediocre mobility, so their DPM will be their only way to stay alive. This vehicle very much resembles a Jagdtiger, and would play alot like it as well. In General, a very strong tier 8 TD that in the hands of the right player can be one of the deadliest in game, but in the hands of a bad player can be very unforgiving. This would have 2 tanks it can lead onto, the Type 60 SS1 and the Ho Ri 3. The Ho ro continues this trent of Jap TDs with insane DPM, little armour and bad mobility. The type 60s are just really cool TDs that deserve to be on this tech tree


Tier 8 – (Line 1) STT – The STT is quite a fascinating tank. This is essentially the first stage of development in the STB1 project. It first started running tests in 1966, and equipped the Type 10ZF engine and the 105mm L7A1 gun (Same as on the Centurion 7/1). Apart from that not much else is known about this vehicle, it past this development stage and the next stage of development involved putting the STB1’s turret onto this chassis. It was never built to really fit the role as a TD, but it has the look and characteristics of a TD so I felt it would fit well at tier 8. I also believe it could be able to fit the 12cm gun on the previous vehicle as that would allow it to at least have SOME progression (Something I was struggling to find within these paper TDs) but this would be completely un historical as the Chi ha 12cm was a good 20 years before this project. Oddly enough the 12cm would be the stock gun, but would have the same stats it had at tier 7. The L7A1 would be the only thing this tank has to offer, having great DPM and penetration. As with all of these vehicles in the Paper TD line it has virtually no armour. This would be the end of this TD line. Basically this would go on to research the type 61, which leads onto the STB1, what this tank was used to test.

Tier 9 – (Line 2) Ho Ri 3 – This goes back to the whole rear mounted casemate design that we saw with the Ho Ri 1. It has the same sort of deal going that all the Ho Ri’s have, mediocre armour, mediocre mobility, but incredible DPM. This is most certainly no exception. It was planned to use a 150mm anti aircraft gun with 750 average damage and a 12 second reload. Although 12 seconds may seem OP, historically this gun was capable of firing a round every 6 seconds, which in game would give this tank am average DPM value of 7500. The 12 second reload still brings it down to an extremely competitive 3750 DPM. This tank would have the 10cm stock gun again, but the 12.7cm gun would already be unlocked so the 10cm could would never need to be used unless you have a death wish. Would be absolutely unstoppable on flat ground, but once again if you don’t play it correctly the enemy would tear you apart

Tier 9 – (Line 1) Type 60 SS1 – This would come off of the Ho Ri 2. Reason why, is mainly because it doesn't belong anywhere due to progressive issues. Wargaming like to keep their tech trees neat and tidy, so if this came off of the STT, which has absolutely no relation to the Type 60s then it wouldn't really make any sense. Although the Type 60 doesn't have anything to do with the Ho Ri 2 either, it makes more sense as it's kind of a fresh start into a whole new idea of TD gameplay. I don't know, what do you think? The Type 60 was a tank produced from 1960-1977, and a total of 252 were built. The tank was speedy, with 2 106mm recoilless guns. How I believe this could work in game, is by it being an auto loader, and the first shell coming out of the left barrel, and the second shell coming out of the right barrel. Shell delay could be around 1 second, making the vehicle capable of spurting out 800 damage in 2 seconds. Historically it only carried 6 rounds on board the vehicle, which presuming the 106mm shells do around 400 damage, gives this vehicle a damage potential of only 2400, so obviously the ammo capacity will have to be increased. 26 rounds of ammunition should make this vehicle very hard to handle, as the 2-shot autoloader would only allow 13 total clips. To compensate for this the guns accuracy will be great, as with a low capacity it is going to need to be hitting its shots to stay effective. One of the main issues I can see with this in its Historical form is the fact if it got itself into an ideal position, it can have its guns poking over a ridge with no hitbox for enemy vehicles to hit (As the guns are above the vehicle). The only thing able to be hit that’s above the guns is a small cupola-like structure, this could be changed by adding a gun shield on the 2 guns, much like on the M56 scorpion. This will provide at least something for the enemy to hit. This thing was tiny, so it will be extremely hard to hit, especially when going its speed limit which is around 55 Kmph. Overall, this would play like a tier 9 scorpion, having a very small profile, decent top speed and punchy guns.

Tier 10 (Line 2) – Ho Ri Production – This is pretty much the tier 9 but with increased armour, making it different from the other Ho Ri’s as it actually has decent armour. The DPM would stay the same, might even have to be dropped a little for balancing reasons. The upper plate would have well over 300mm of armour, and the front of the case mate would have 250. Sides and rear would be literal cheese as well as the lower plate. Pretty much this is an Object 268 V 4 with better DPM, but with reliable frontal weakspots and very sluggish mobility. Would be a great tank to finish off the line. It could also have a stock 10cm gun for the memes (Like the IS4 has the 122mm) but the 15cm would already be researched so do not fear unless you want to meme around at tier 10 with a tier 7 gun.

Tier 10 – (Line 1) Type 60 SS3 – During the pre-production stage of the type 60, there were plans to mount 4 106mm guns instead of 2. This was called the Type 60 Kai and a surviving prototype can be seen at the Higashi Choshi Residential Area. This was eventually turned down and the 2 barrelled version was a preferred choice. is pretty much the same vehicle as the tier 9, except this time it can mount 4 106mm Recoilless rifles instead of 2. The accuracy would also be reduced, as in real life the trials for the 4 barrelled prototypes proved that the accuracy was worse with 4 guns instead of 2. The guns would once again have to have some sort of gun shield. Light the tier 9, the guns would fire from left to right, now with a clip potential of 1600 damage in 4 seconds. The reload for a full clip would have to be significantly higher than the tier 9. Speed is around the same and armour is still garbage. Basically, a punchier version of the tier 9, could be quite an enjoyable tier 10 TD.


Tier 5 – Ji Ro Sha Just like the Hi Ro Sha this was based on the type 95s chassis, this time sporting a fully enclosed case mate. Its appearance kind of resembles the SU14-2 at tier 8. This tanks gun would be the 120mm Schneider Carnet 1898, which would make this an extremely deadly tier 5 TD. This might seem too big for a tier 5, but the KV1 and the KV1s both have guns of similar calibre. The gun handling would make this gun extremely difficult to snipe with, so to make it work you basically have to show your whole tank to the enemy, and because of your slow speed getting out quickly will make this maneuverer very risky. but just like the tier 4 it would have slow mobility (Even worse now because it has a casemate). Armour would be terrible, really only able to bounce things with under 50mm of penetration. Stock gun would be the 75mm used on the Ho ni, and the other gun would be the Type 14 105mm. Once again, should be played as a sniper, but with the monstrous derp gun could also be useful to break through the enemy.

Tier 8 – Ho Ri Prototype This would basically be the cardboard mock up that was made of the whole Ho Ri Project. Would have the 10cm gun, but with good DPM. Basically the same as all the other Ho Ri’s but a premium. This is how premiums should be, not defenders and IS3A’s. They should give the exact same play style but be a little bit different in terms of gun stats ect. This would have good DPM but because its using the 10CM at tier 8 it would have great gun stats.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Personally I have no idea why Wargaming released Chinese TDs before Japanese TDs. I’m just a lonely 16 year old doing research, Im sure wargaming could find a lot more potential TDs to add in, making it a lot more complete and progressive. Anyway, please leave your thoughts 🙂

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