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Japanese Tech tree expansion (3 TD lines & a Light tank line)

WorldofTanks4 - Japanese Tech tree expansion (3 TD lines & a Light tank line)

Japanese TD branch –

Hey guys. So this is basically a follow up of a post a made a few days ago. Myself and another redditor had a really good conversation on ways the trees could include more tanks, and just be better (As well as some historical fixes that he pointed out). Now, instead of having 1 and a half TD lines we now have 2 and a half (Casemate TDs, Turreted TDs and Paper TDs) and as a bonus I’ve included tier 7-10 lights. Anyway, there’s a lot to read to I hope you learn a few things, and let me know your thoughts in the comments. In total Ive probably spent 40+ Hours researching and typing stuff down for the past 10 days or so, so be sure to let me know whether it was worth it or whether I should just been grinding world of tanks like a normal functioning human.

Ho Ri line

Tier 2 – Ho Ru This was based on the Ha go, and the project started in 1945. It was started because the current Japanese Ha go's were unable to compete against the new US tanks, such as the Sherman. 1 prototype was apparently built and it underwent trials, but the war ended before mass production could be started. In game it would play a-lot like the AT1, the Russian tier 2 TD. It would have 2 gun choices, the Type 1 47mm gun and the Type 5 47mm gun with increased penetration. This Type 5 gun was able to penetrate 50mm of armour at 500 metres. The mobility would be a strong point however. Overall, quite an under powered tier 2 TD compared to its counterparts.

Tier 3 – Ho Ni 1 This was a Japanese project to convert Chi Ha’s into Tank destroyers in 1941. 26 were built. Historically there were 3 variants, the Ho Ni 1, 2 and 3. This one used the 75mm type 90 field gun mounted in an open casemate with only side and frontal armor. In game could be given the gun from the Ho Ru for a stock weapon, and the 75mm as the upgraded weapon. Would play a lot like the SU76 as it has very little armor and mediocre mobility.

Tier 4 – Ho Ni 2 This was an improvement of the Previous Ho Ni 1 and was designed for close infantry support. To carry this out it was given a Type 91 105mm howitzer. This would play a lot like the Sau40, hetzer, Sav ect. With very little amour it would probably perform a sniper role. Same speed as the previous tier, the 105mm would be the only difference really. Would be able to use the 75mm from the previous tier for players who prefer anti-tank guns over derp guns.

Tier 5 – Hi Ro Sha As most of you know the Japanese army built 4 Type 95 heavy tanks in 1934, sometimes we wish they didn’t because those things are awful in world of tanks. Anyway, they decided that the tank wasn’t useful for the Japanese army, but decided 2 of the chassis and turn them into tank destroyers. There were 2 plans, the Hi Ro Sha was the one which involved having no turret or super structure and mounting the Type 14 105mm gun at the front of the vehicle. This thing in game would have very little armour, but pack a very deadly gun. For stock guns, it would have a choice of the 75mm guns that the tier 3 Ho Ni uses, these would also be decent at tier 5 for people that aren’t big fans of derp guns. The mobility would be extremely poor, so this would basically be a glass cannon, and if caught in the open pretty much target practise for anyway within line of sight of it. Would need to be played as a sniper.

Tier 6 – Ho To The Ho To is an experimental tank that was based on the Ha-go’s chassis. Historically it used the type 38 120mm Short barrelled howitzer in an open top case mate. Because it was made in a rush to defend the Japanese homeland from the US only a single tank was known to have been converted. In game it would play a lot like the IKV 103. For a stock gun it would be able to use the Ho Ni’s top gun, this would be for players who aren’t huge fans of derp guns. The 120mm would be a beast, but the gun stats such as aim time and accuracy would be the worst for tier 5. This would make the choice between this and the 75mm a hard one, as the 75mm would be a much more reliable gun. The tank is extremely tiny, so like I said, would play much like the IKV103.

Tier 7 – Ho Ro It was pretty much impossible to do Japanese TDs without this absolute beast. Say hello to pretty much a Japanese SU152, just without any armour whatsoever and based on a chi ha chassis. It was highly inspired by the Grille series of artillery that Germany were producing. Around 12 of these things were built, and they used the 150mm Type 38 Howitzer. It would be a glass cannon, very little armour, speed wouldn’t be too bad at 38 kmph but nothing too special, but the gun would be very frightening to anyone staring down its barrel. Because it only ever had a 150mm gun IRL some anti-tank guns should be on offer for people who dislike derp guns.

Tier 8 – Ho Chi I couldn’t find much on this tank, there was only a few drawings so this is 1 of very few tanks on my branches that was never actually produced. Basically, it’s a chi ha with a bunch of big ass guns to choose from. The stock gun would be the 105mm that is on the Ka To. This Would make the stock grind bad but not terrible. The 2nd gun to unlock would be a 150mm gun, and the 3rd and final gun would be a 120mm. Because there were only drawings it’s hard to tell what guns they were exactly, but I’m going to take a swing and guess the 150mm was the Oho’s gun and the 120mm was the stock Type 4s gun. Would make this pretty much a Japanese SU152, with a derp gun and an anti-tank gun to choose from. These 2 guns would make the stock grind worth it (Hopefully) but the armour, being a chi ha with a casemate would be awful.

Tier 9 – Ho Ri 1 The Ho Ri 1 was the first stage of the Ho Ri Project. It featured a rear mounted casemate on a Chi Ri chassis. The stock gun would be the 100mm gun that is on the Oni, the one with 330 alpha. The second gun would be the 12.7cm gun that is on the Type 4. The top gun would most likely be a 150mm anti-aircraft gun. I believe this was planned to be used on the Ho Ri, but I could be wrong. Historically it had a 6 second reload so if it had the classic 750 alpha of most 150mm guns, that brings the historical DMP value to 7500… of course this would have to be nerfed, but the DPM would still be the best at its tier. Its armour and mobility would be quite bad, the armour might block a few shots from tier 8 guns and the occasional tier 9 on the upper plate, but that’s about it.

Tier 10 – Ho Ri 2 The Ho Ri 2 was the 2nd stage of the Ho Ri Project. This time the case mate was located on the centre of the vehicle. This would also give room for better gun depression. It would have 2-gun choices, a 10cm gun (Same as on the tank before) this was the historical gun so it’s only right it be an option, but it’s just there for the meme (A lot like how the IS4 has the 122mm). The 150mm from the previous vehicle would be available, this time with better gun stats and around the same DPM. Armour, mobility Etc. would be slightly better but still quite bad for its tier.

Type 75 Line (Turreted)

Tier 2 – Type 94 47mm This was a Proposal to convert Type 94 tankettes into Tank destroyers. Isn’t much else on it. There is a drawing of it and I’m 99% sure no prototypes were ever built as the Ho Nis came into the picture, making this design pretty much useless. What’s interesting is that the gun faces backwards, so think of this as a tier 2 Archer. Also, this thing is cuter than the luchs, mark my words, if this comes into the game I’m playing this over and over because of how cute it is.

Tier 3 – Ku Se A design in 1945 to convert Ke Ho’s into tank destroyers. The turret was removed and replaced with a superstructure with front and side protection, housing a 75mm Type 99 gun. This would’ve been a very speedy tank destroyer as it was based on the Ke Ho (Around 50 kmph). Once again, a drawing was done but the war ended before any prototypes could be completed. Would pretty much be the Ho Ni but tier 3. Some unhistorical guns would have to be added, and the stock gun could easily be the 47mm from the tank before it.

Tier 4 – Ho-I During the war in China the Japanese war planners discovered that armored vehicles with weapons such as the 57mm low velocity and the high velocity 47mm guns were ineffective to structures such as pillboxes. The Japanese started working on converting Chi Ha’s into vehicles that could combat pillboxes and other structures that they couldn’t beforehand. This is where the Ho-I came in. It used the chassis of a Chi He, and instead of high velocity weapons it used howitzer-like guns. A total of 31 were built between 1942 and 1944. Stock gun could be the 57mm low velocity gun could be the stock weapon as it was the standard gun (It still acts like a derp). Wargaming could also throw some other guns in, but keep having them act like not-so hard hitting derp guns as this was the role of the vehicle. The Japanese ended up mounting the Type 41 75mm Mountain gun. This would behave much like how the Italian tier 4 derp plays, being low velocity but hits hard. Apart from that this would sort of be a copy-paste Chi He, but with a different role.

Tier 5 – SNLF Chi Ha This is the Ho-I but on steroids. It was built by the Japanese for pretty much the same purpose, to bust through structures that their standard tanks couldn’t. This was based on the Chi Ha’s chassis and had a large turret to accommodate a 120mm derp gun, the same that was on the Oi exp, except this tank actually existed. This was built in small numbers and it is unclear whether it saw combat or not, but you can imagine how scary this would’ve been for Allied troops when facing this thing, as no gun that size had really been seen on any Japanese Vehicle. Obviously, this gun would be the top weapon, and stock could be the previous 75mm. Other guns could be added by wargaming. This gun on the Oi exp isn’t too OP, and being on a Chi ha chassis it would be quite a sluggish vehicle, with no amour. Gun would be the only good thing about the vehicle, and maybe buffs to this gun on this tank would be needed to make it a formidable opponent.

Tier 6 – Na To Near the end of the war the Japanese commanders realised that they needed a much more powerful tank to deal with the armoured vehicles of the allies. When the Japanese Surrender was broadcasted over 70 vehicles had started, with 30 of those being 70% complete. Historically The tank used the same Type 5 75mm gun that the stock Chi To uses. There was however another gun that was considered to be used, the Experimental 7.5 cm Anti-Tank Gun Type Ge. This was essentially a copy of the German 7,5 cm Pak 41 gun. The stock gun would be the Type 3 75mm gun, 2nd gun being the type 5 75mm gun, and the top gun being the Experimental 7.5 cm Anti-Tank Gun Type Ge. This tank is bloody huge and the armour is 12mm max, so if you get spotted in the open do not expect people to miss or bounce off of your armour. Note that this has a fully rotating turret (The tier 6 in this line does as well). In general, quite a nice tank when fully upgraded, but awful when stock.

Tier 7 – Ka To This is essentially a Na To on steroids. During 1943 development had started on a 105mm that could fight against the allies. This led to the 10cm Tank gun type 5. The Ka To was designed to use this gun. It would play a lot like the Na To before it, just with a meatier top gun. It would have the choice of 3 guns, the 2 better 75mm’s that the Na To had, but in addition would have the 10cm. Not much else to say, looks pretty much the exact same as the Na To, fully rotating turret, would be quite a nice tank destroyer.


Tier 8 – 120mm Naval Gun Chi Ha Prototype (I have no clue what the real name is) This tank is super mysterious. I could only find 1 photo of it online. Its literally a Chi Ha with a 120mm long barrel naval gun on top. First of all, this thing would’ve been terrible In real life. If I am correct in saying its gun was fully rotational, then if it fired to the left or right of the hull it would’ve flipped, no questions asked. On the other hand, how cool would this be in game. Now, I have no clue whether the gun was rotational or not, but from first glance it was probably planned to. Also, from the looks of it, it was definitely in its first stages of development. What would be possible though is if wargaming did what they did with the EBR 105, basically model it as if the plans were to have a fully rotational turret. There really isn’t much in the way of actual armour to hit this thing around its gun (Unlike the Waffentrager auf Panzer 4) so a turret would add something for a player to hit. This still wouldn’t change the fact that historically it would’ve tipped if it fired over the sides, so possibly could make it like the FV4005 and the Challenger, with only being able to fire over the front and rotate to a certain extent. In terms of other guns, the Ka To’s 105mm would be an obvious choice as it was being designed and manufactured to up gun tank destroyers, and with this gun it would probably have been able to fully rotate its gun even over the sides (Don’t quote me on this however). Would have no armor and be extremely sluggish. Pure glass cannon, still would be quite fun though.

Tier 9 – Type 74 SPH This historically was a SPG. The thing was, the Japanese really didn’t make any TDs after the war, let alone turreted ones for this specific line. However, we have seen tanks such as the SU152, which were built as “Self-Propelled Howitzers” get introduced as TDs (I know the SU152 is a completely different story to this but I need excuses :P). The first Type 74 prototype was built in 1969-70. In 2001 Japan reported to the UN that 20 were in service. It carried 30 rounds on board. This in game would be quite bad for a 105mm gun, so possibly 35 would make it reasonable but still not enough to go spamming shots everywhere without any care. Unfortunately, this only used a 105mm howitzer so wargaming would have to throw in a few fake guns, keeping in mind the tier 10 has a 155mm. Would be an alright TD, sort of will play like a Conway as it has very little armor but decent mobility.

Tier 10 – Type 75 SPH Just like the type 74 this was built as an SPG but could easily slot into the turreted TD role in game. 2 prototypes were built in 1971-1972 so this would only just fit into the world of tanks timeframe. Pretty much has similar attributes to the Type 74 but this time it has a 155mm L30 Howitzer. The tank itself is bigger and the turret definitely is quite big. Fast, terrible armor, pretty much same as the tier 9 but a bigger and better

Type 60 Line (Paper TDs)

Tier 6 – Type 56 105 Sy (Branches off of the Hi Ro Sha) This was built in the mid 1950s. It has many similarities with the M37, including gun and especially the appearance (It was also based on the Chaffee’s chassis). The size of it was however smaller than the M37. Just like the Tier 9 and 10 from the previously mentioned line, this was designed as an SPG, but could fill the role as a TD quite comfortably. Historically it used the Type 56 105mm gun, same as on the Sherman’s. This won’t cut it for World of tanks however so some guns would have to be added to make it a formidable opponent. Armor values are unknown but because it was meant to be an SPG I doubt it would’ve been over a couple inches. Unless It gets given a decent gun to use, I really can’t see this being a good vehicle. It really doesn’t have anything going for it.

Tier 7 – Type 97 105mm Heavy SPG I really couldn’t find anything on this. All I know is that it’s a Chi ha with a 105mm gun. Nothing else I could find, like, at all. I eventually had to resort to uploading the 1 picture I found to googling the image, which only took me to war thunder pages of people asking what this tank was. It’s a long 105mm gun so this could be great for a stock gun on the next vehicle. But yeah, nothing else to really say. By the looks of it the gun is also facing backwards, so yeah, tier 7 archer?

Tier 8 – STT Chassis (This would be able to branch into the STT, Type 61 and Type 60 The STT is quite a fascinating tank. This is essentially the first stage of development in the STB1 project. It first started running tests in 1966, and equipped the Type 10ZF engine and the 105mm L7A1 gun (Same as on the Centurion 7/1). Apart from that not much else is known about this vehicle, it past this development stage and the next stage of development involved putting the STB1’s turret onto this chassis. It was never built to really fit the role as a TD, but it has the look and characteristics of a TD so I felt it would fit well at tier 8. Because it was essentially a testbed the 105mm L7A1 was the only gun planned/needed for it. So a few unhistorical stock guns would have to be thrown in like the 105mm from the previous vehicle (Maybe the STA1’s 90mm Rifled gun also?). The L7A1 would be the only thing this tank has to offer, having great DPM and penetration. Armour would be shit but speed would be quite good. This would branch into the STT Light tank, the Type 61 AND the Type 60. As the STT was the next stage it would make sense, and the type 61 leads onto the STB1 which is what this vehicle was used for. Also, wanna point out historically it couldn’t move the gun, like, at all. Of course this wouldn’t work but the gun movement would have to be super small to sort of represent this

Tier 9 – Type 60 SS1 Although this branches from the STT Chassis this is pretty much a fresh line. The 2 tanks have nothing in common, like, at all. The Type 60 was a tank produced from 1960-1977, and a total of 252 were built. The tank was speedy, with 2 106mm recoilless guns. How I believe this could work in game, is by it being an auto loader, and the first shell coming out of the left barrel, and the second shell coming out of the right barrel. Shell delay could be around 1 second, making the vehicle capable of spurting out 800 damage in 2 seconds (Obviously the reload would have to be balanced for this to not be broken). Historically it only carried 6 rounds on board the vehicle, which presuming the 106mm shells do around 400 damage, gives this vehicle a damage potential of only 2400, so obviously the ammo capacity will have to be increased. 26 rounds of ammunition should make this vehicle very hard to handle, as the 2-shot autoloader would only allow 13 total clips. To compensate for this the guns accuracy will be great, as with a low capacity it is going to need to be hitting its shots to stay effective. One of the main issues I can see with this in its Historical form is the fact if it got itself into an ideal position, it can have its guns poking over a ridge with no hitbox for enemy vehicles to hit (As the guns are above the vehicle). The only thing able to be hit that’s above the guns is a small cupola-like structure, this could be changed by adding a gun shield on the 2 guns, much like on the M56 scorpion. This will provide at least something for the enemy to hit. This thing was tiny, so it will be extremely hard to hit, especially when going its speed limit which is around 55 Kmph. Overall, this would play like a tier 9 scorpion, having a very small profile, decent top speed and punchy guns.

Tier 10 – Type 60 SS3 During the pre-production stage of the type 60, there were plans to mount 4 106mm guns instead of 2. This was called the Type 60 Kai and a surviving prototype can be seen at the Higashi Choshi Residential Area. This was eventually turned down and the 2 barrelled version was a preferred choice. is pretty much the same vehicle as the tier 9, except this time it can mount 4 106mm Recoilless rifles instead of 2. The accuracy would also be reduced, as in real life the trials for the 4 barrelled prototypes proved that the accuracy was worse with 4 guns instead of 2. The guns would once again have to have some sort of gun shield. Light the tier 9, the guns would fire from left to right, now with a clip potential of 1600 damage in 4 seconds. The reload for a full clip would have to be significantly higher than the tier 9. Speed is around the same and armour is still garbage. Basically, a punchier version of the tier 9, could be quite an enjoyable tier 10 TD.

Light tanks

Tier 7 – JWIG 25 Ton Just gonna quickly link the page where I found this info in these 2 previously unknown-to-me tanks. For the record has been my lord and savior many times in terms of researching these vehicles. If you want to learn more about these Japanese light tanks they did a full article on them, and I’m just here summarizing it all so please, go check it out – Anyway. The JWIG light tanks were light tanks designed by Japan to basically… yeah, do light tank things. It was felt that Japan needed these lighter vehicles as during the Korean war the US tanks such as the Pershing and the Patton were having difficulties on the terrain, which was very similar to the terrain that was in Japan. Japan also liked the M24 Chaffee because of its ability to move around, but felt it needed more firepower. What came out of it were 2 designs, a 20-25 ton tank with a 76mm gun and a 25-30 ton tank with a 90mm gun. The tier 7 would be the 20-25 ton tank with the 76mm. This would receive a M6 75mm gun as its stock weapon and an M1 76mm as the top gun. The reason for these US guns on Japanese vehicles is because the Japanese were very dependent on the US at the time, so it is most likely these guns would’ve been considered. In general, the armor would be lacking and the speed would be alright but nothing outstanding

Tier 8 – JWIG 30 Ton The stock gun would be the tier 7s top gun. The other guns available would be the M36 Jackson’s 90mm, and the top gun being the Type 61 90mm cannon. Pretty much the same as the tier 7 except with a bigger gun, and less mobile. In total, these lights should be an alright grind but definitely not something to really get yourself excited over.

Tier 9 – STT I spoke about the STT Chassis earlier, this was the next stage up from it. It is basically using the same chassis, this time with a STB1’s turret. The same L7A1 gun would be equipped, making this the only tier 9 light with a gun that can do over 390 alpha (The T49 doesn’t count be quiet). That’s about it where the positives come from. The Armor is shit. The turret would be able to do things as it’s an STB turret, but the hull is paper thin and a literal box. Guns from the previous tier could be equipped as well. Quite a nice tier 9 light, hull down would be an absolute beast, but it will be huge due to its box-like appearance. I honestly think the STT and its TD cousin the STT Chassis would be great in the game as they are super fascinating and without them the STB1 probably wouldn’t be a thing.

Tier 10 – GSR 105 This. Tank. Looks. Sick. First thing I wanna mention is this is super modern, and if added would be the most modern tank in the game but that’s ok, I still want it. Using the chassis of the B78 IFV prototype, Japan developed a tank destroyer equipped with a new 105mm cannon. That’s about it. The armour would be light-tank like (Terrible) and the gun would be very nice. Mobility would be about what you expect from a tier 10, I don’t know for certain what exactly as I couldn’t find much on it, just a few articles and looking at images. Also, because the turret is so small maybe a turret enlargement is needed so it’s easier to hit this thing when its hull down.

As for premiums, I’m just going to list them here with links to what they look like. I don’t want to bore you out more with info so yeah. Enjoy

Ho Ri Prototype Ho Ni 3 So-To

Thanks for giving this a read. It took a lot of effort and I really hope you enjoyed it

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