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Hey everyone! Now that this vehicle is available for sale, I'm sure quite a few people are eyeing it, so I thought I'd do a quick writeup on it, so that you can make a better informed decision. I will not be basing this on personal experience, because I don't have the tank and don't plan on getting it. Besides, whether or not I like it doesn't mean you'll like it. Instead, I'll talk about the stats and compare it with other tanks, so you can decide for yourself if it's right for you.


It's not one of my writeups without some history! This information is from
swedish tanks part x strv lansen - Lansen C: A Statistical Review

here, part 10 in an excellent series of articles on Swedish armor and how it might fit into World of Tanks.

This vehicle traces its lineage to the late 1940s. Sweden had previously attempted to develop a new medium tank, but was unsuccessful and cancelled it in 1947. Two years later, requirements were laid out for the development of a 20-ton tank armed with a 75mm gun whose primary role would be infantry support. This would be a lightly armored vehicle, which was considered acceptable. Given Sweden's limitations on infrastructure and resources, they couldn't give the vehicles armor (well, enough armor to matter) without making them prohibitively expensive.

Echoing events from the beginning of the war, Landsverk had already been at work for some time developing their own vehicle, intended for the export market. In 1948, they designed the Strv Lansen (Lance), a 19-ton tank with 35mm of armor and a long 75mm gun. It was essentially a smaller, lighter Leo. After laying out their project requirements in 1949, the Swedish military was quite interested in this vehicle, and decided to further develop it.

The vehicle went through a series of changes, and in 1950 it was decided that a 75mm gun would be insufficient, so it was to now be equipped with a long-barrel 105mm gun. Shortly afterwards, the weight limit was increased to 25 tons, to allow for both the improved firepower and increased armor protection. This final version, known as the Lansen 25 ton, is what we now have in-game.

For more information, do read the article. It goes into a lot more detail and has pretty pictures.



This vehicle is armed with a 105mm gun, giving it 320 alpha damage, a significant improvement over the tier's standard 240 alpha. The penetration is okay, 208mm/242mm AP/APCR, but the DPM is what makes this special. It's no Obj 416, but it has the second-highest DPM of all tier 8 mediums, tied with the Panther 8,8. All the other high-alpha tier 8 premium MTs have subpar DPM, so this is especially noticeable.

0.38 accuracy and 2.5s aimtime is mediocre but workable. The gun handling is below average but not awful; overall, it's a bit worse than the M4A1 Ravioli and a bit better than the
FV4202 and
Centurion I.

Having good alpha and good DPM is a great combo, and though there are some downsides, as a complete package, it's a rather good gun.



Mobility is quite good overall. Its 50 km/h top speed is rather limiting, but honestly, it's "good enough" in the vast majority of situations. You will enjoy the acceleration, because a P/W ratio of 28.4 hp/t is fantastic. Hull traverse and terrain resistances aren't lacking either. It may not keep up with light tanks, but this is a very nimble machine, with only the AMX CDC outpacing it.


Well, it's bad, but not AMX CDC levels of bad. The turret is of average height, but it is rather wide and will not bounce any shots. The hull armor is pretty awful – besides being no better than 130mm effective frontally, even if you want to sidescrape with 35mm of side armor, you can't because the shape of the side hull armor makes sidescraping impossible. Your only saving grace is that your armor is tough enough that normal HE rounds won't pen you, although I'd be very wary around HESH rounds and Japanese heavies.


10 degrees of gun depression all the way around is great. 1350hp is pretty good for a medium, and 380m view range is alright. Shell velocity is a bit lacking, but at tier 8 this isn't unexpected. The very high shell capacity of 65 rounds mean you can bring all the AP and APCR you'll ever need.


It's a much better version of the TVP VTU, although that's not saying much. It's a more compelling vehicle than the Panzer 58 Mutz, though again, not the highest praise that can be given. You could say it's a less extreme version of the M4A1 Revelry, giving up alpha and gun handling to gain DPM and a much better platform. It's also comparable to a Charioteer, giving up some firepower to gain better mobility and durability.

It is a completely different vehicle from the Primo Victoria. Comparatively, the Primo Victoria has better penetration, better hull armor, and infinitely better turret armor, but it's worse in every other regard.

Is it worth it?

If you want a credit grinder, I can't say for sure, but I suspect the answer is no. 208mm AP pen is not a lot, and unless the credit multiplier is set to be insanely high on this vehicle, there will doubtless be better tanks for earning credits.

If you want a crew trainer, then the answer is maybe. It has some stiff competition, in the form of the Primo Victoria and Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. The Primo Victoria, as noted, plays totally differently. Though often overlooked, the Strv m/42-57 is one of the strongest tier 6 tanks in the game by far, because it gets a devastating autoloader and sacrifices rather little to get it.

Take a close look at each vehicle and decide which one you like more. Really like the Centurion tanks? Then the Primo is the tank for you. Prefer some mobility and punchier gun? This tank may be best. Don't mind playing tier 6? The Strv m/42-57 is a very potent vehicle.

If you want a fun vehicle to play, then it just depends on your preferences. If the above sounds good, then go for it! The vehicle should be pretty good and very enjoyable for players who like this combination of strengths, but it isn't the newest super-OP premium.

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