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Let the down votes Begin

WorldofTanks7 - Let the down votes Begin

I'm really surprised at the sheer amount of hatred for WG in this subreddit. Why play the game its such a horribly designed manipulative cash machine made for innocent wide eyed angels that are being violated for their lunch money by viscous coin artists that hate all of you?

Just asking, because this link is almost all complaining with the odd request for advice thrown in. Even those have comment sections that gradually turn into WG bashing. There are aspects of the game that I dislike and if it gets too bad I'll just. Stop. Playing.

If the game is as horrible as so many seem to think what does it say when those same people still play? If it's so bad just stop playing. Seriously. It's a program made to generate profit, so of course they're going to do as much as possible to make as much as possible, that's how businesses work. If what they've done so far hasn't pushed them into bankruptcy they are clearly doing something right, otherwise they wouldn't still be going for this long.


They love buffing Russian tanks? Who cares? Almost every other platform in existence slobbers over German and American tanks. Almost to the point where one wonders if other nations really had tanks do anything other that explode miserably.

They make premium tanks to OP and attract clueless noobs? Who cares? They bring in the cash and allow the game to be played for free. Plus, who hasn't enjoyed blowing up a grade schoolers Löwe bought with daddy's money?

Arty sucks because it's historically unrealistic? Right. Because a Sherman driver could press a handy dandy button in 1945 and magically fix his thrown track…

It seems that this thread attracts a lot of players that are unhappy because the game doesn't always benefit them personally everytime. I subscribed because I thought I could find advice and hints. I appear to have been mistaken.

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This comment thread ought to be interesting…

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