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Limit/Nerf Artillery Mode by requiring active line of sight spotting.

WorldofTanks6 - Limit/Nerf Artillery Mode by requiring active line of sight spotting.

Arty is way too powerful because they get too much information in their top-down view, disproportionally so vs. other tanks that rely on direct fire:

  • Real-time (RT) view of every single tank the allies see in a far wider field of view than any other tank of that same team.
  • All spotted vehicles are visible 10 sec or so in that OP view mode and their motion is updated in RT.
  • Shell velocities are pretty fast
  • Shell impact radius, be it for damage and even more, stun, is pretty generous
  • As a result of the above, even leading shots to moving targets are possible with only a bit of practice and stun effects are almost too easy. Stationary or slow moving targets are helpless.

A solution would be to hide RT movement of spotted vehicles that are not designated as targets by your team (Pressing "T" while aiming = would be a shout out to SPGs. And "T" is on a timer, you cannot spam it for half a second on each target and render EVERYone visible to SPGs, you need to make a decision of picking and tracking the target for the SPGs.

  • If a spotted target is not specifically designated, it will appear as a dot onThe SPG's minimap – just like with any other tank in the team – so that you get a tactical awareness of who was spotted where, you can even blind-fire that general area/grid box/known bush location etc with WAY better chances of doing something vs. blind firing with any other tank, but won't be able to tactically monitor half the enemy team from above – unless of course, you have 4-5 allied tanks designating & tracking an equal # of targets.
  • Designated targets should not last longer than the time the spotter maintains direct line of sight with the target. The "designation" should not last for 10 seconds as direct spotting does, unless of course, the spotter maintains direct line of sight to that said enemy. This way active runs of an LT that out of chance spots an enemy for a fraction of a second before ducking for cover, while allowing SPGs to rain upon that said enemy over a 10+ second window will be avoided. You still get the tactical benefits of early spotting, the random direct-fire shots, the random SPG that was pre-aimed might score a hit, BUT in SPG "Sniping" mode, the designation should be visible only for as long as the spotter that made it maintains visual. E.g. if a LT makes a run for the center ridge in Prokhorovka, and spots a HT in the open paints it for SPGs but immediately ducks under the ridge and out of danger, the HT should disappear for SPGs & indirect fire. They will have to be roughly aimed and take a "educated", "half-blind" shot at that point, but not be able to fine-tune aiming should the HT stop on its tracks and/or tries to change course. If instead the target is perma-lit by a passive scout in a bush, then it should be business as usual, BUT, the spotter needs to make the tactical decision of not only "360 deg" spotting the field, but actually pointing and "designating" the target for the SPGs to aim and fire to.
  • This way, if you are on the receiving end and your SS goes on in an area where you are kinda shielded by direct fire, commencing evasive maneuvers should be of some benefit. As-is, you are spotted by some random LT run and you are screwed, because SPGs aim fast enough to adjust and even intercept LTs moving at 60-70km/h. Slow moving HTs and other tanks? It is hopeless. At least now, the spotter needs to be committed and maintain line of sight for SPGs to see what you are doing. If you dissapear and you are spotted again, he needs to re-designate / paint you for the SPGs, it won't happen seamlessly in perpetuity without ACTIVE inpute from the spotter's side. This is how even the minimap spotting works in Battlefield games for example (at least it did in BF4 & BF1).

This way SPGs will become a much more tactical weapon that relies on team coordination, and will make platoons of LTs with SPGs more valuable. It will also force SPGs look & punish enemies that are being static/campy, instead of easily punishing the active scouts and frontline tanks that get screwed in their fragile tanks for EXACTLY not having a passive/campy role for their team: the first tank spotted is the first tank shot at by SPGs, something that typically happens in the first 30-40 sec of a map, perfect timing for 2-3 SPGs to be loaded and pre-aimed at you while maintaining a superior top-down "understanding" of your movement than even the spotter that has a direct line of sight to you. And it is repeated for the rest of the frontline tanks, while the "campers" wait the rain out – as if the paper TD would do anything different.

They also lose sight of what happens behind rocks & buildings. Sure, you suspect where that HT is, but as soon as he/she backs away and out of direct line of sight, you will have to take your chances blind-firing. You should not be able to judge where exactly the enemy tank is, where it is facing, if it is turning, which side it tries to pop-up from etc,if no one maintains direct line of sight to it. You cannot have more information than the tank that provides you with information!


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