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Man makes mock Cold war Tech tree. (Pictures linked)

WorldofTanks1 - Man makes mock Cold war Tech tree. (Pictures linked)

To have some fun trying to expand / predict the Cold war Tech tree I made a couple “fancy” picture. Using the fact that tanks are restricted to Eras, some lines can stop at the end of an Era.

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Cold War Tech Tree:

The German line was pretty easy. The French however was a bit limited. The AMX 30 didn’t have as many variations to fill out 3 slots with in the time era. The Leclerc also only had 2 versions, so the proto tank AMX 40 had to fill the slot.

UK line was vaguely difficult. The Centurions had their names leaked a bit ago with Cent 2 and 9 but had to come up with the third tank. The Chieftens were easy. The third era I had issue researching if there were any versions of the challenger 1. With lack of any easily available info, I went with a version of the chieften from the 80’s that had the Stillbrew armor and improved propulsion system. It could be replaced by other competitors to the challenger but I was lazy to research them.

Hay look Israeli tanks. Pretty simple line, but couldn’t go past Era 2. Yes, the Merkava MK 2 is from early 1983, but I wanted to fill the line. The only tank for the third Era would be the MK 3, so that’s a premium.

The Swedish line I highly advise against making as the STRV 103 would hardly be any difference between the 3 versions and would be better set as “Premium copy”. I'll explain that in the premium TT.

Premium Tech Tree:

First off, you have the normal premium tanks. I Made a couple encompass 2 tiers as they could go in either.


The V-T tank is a bit more out there as we do not have dual gun support but I put it there since its neat. M60A2, MBT 80, Merkava MK 3, Leo 1A6, and Kranvagn 150mm are all pretty simple choices. The Kranvagn may be a bit too strong… eh. The MBT 70 however could be an interesting tank. It could be a great campaign reward tank where a player could choose the MBT 70 or the KPZ 70. One of which would be a WW2 tier X and the other an Era 2, Tier 3 tank.

To go on the Reward / Copy tanks. These are existing tanks in the WW2 game mode and are quite “Historic”. Players who own copies of premiums tanks could just get the Cold war version for free or at a reduced price. The M-51 and Kannon jag panzer would accept both versions of the original premiums. M103 is a more unique option, but I decided to put it there in case they want to diversify the game. I decided against the conqueror since people may be tired of that tank. Not sure how one would go about getting said tank since it is a tier 9 as opposed to the other tanks which are based on 10s.

The Sheridan, Strv 103c and Type 74 (STB-1) all have a normal tech tree version. The tanks in the Cold war mode would act as “Reward tanks”, thus only 5% xp bonus. As for how these tanks are to be earned? They can be perhaps bought after earning the normal versions or require an additional xp grind on said tank. The Type 74 may be different enough to warrant a separate premium.

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