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WorldofTanks7 - Map Tips Contest

Greetings Tankers!

We have a contest for all of you, to help your fellow players, win some prizes, and affect something that appears in the game directly.

What's this about?

You have probably seen some of the pop-up windows in the game congratulating you for your achievements or giving you tips and tricks on how you could do better (You can check them out in the Combat Intelligence tab as well). This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the experience of new and inexperienced players, helping them become more knowledgeable in the game and teach them positive game behavior.

Example of how this would look in-game:

The content enables you to come up with the content of those messages, which we will then use in our upcoming campaigns. We will use maps as the first topic for this, but if it works, we will have other topics (and contests) in the future.

This is the first, pilot version of this contest and the topic is Maps only!

What do you need to do?

  • Write a reply in this thread and submit a short guide or helpful tip/trick about Maps that you think will benefit new and inexperienced players until 13th December.
  • You can talk about maps in general or about specific maps, that is up to you.
  • Please use the following format:
    • Title (the descriptions of what the guide/tip/trick is about, short and snappy, not more than 50 characters).
    • Pictures for illustrating your point (optional) – you can draw on the picture, but please don’t write on it.
    • Body (the actual text of your guide/tip – please be short and to the point. The example provided above should be the upper limit of the text used).


  • Submissions not related to maps will be ignored.
  • Please keep submissions as concise as possible so that we are able to go through them more efficiently.
  • Winning submissions from the forums will not be open to prizes from the Reddit Submission, to ensure more people have a chance for a prize.
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How will the winners be selected?

  • WG staff will select up to 10 submissions and announce the winners within 7 days after the contest ends (13 Dec) – One prize per person.
  • You guys can help us out by liking the suggestions you find most helpful, but the number of likes won’t guarantee that the submissions will be selected.
  • All submissions may be featured by Wargaming in social platforms or the game, whether a winning entry or not.

What can I win?

  • The winners will receive 7 days of premium account each and their guides/tips will be used in the game (Hopefully).

Good luck and Good Hunting!

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