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More complicated than a 6 sided Rubik’s Cube (3 marked PTA)

WorldofTanks3 - More complicated than a 6 sided Rubik's Cube (3 marked PTA)

So many stripes. So much room for activities!!

The final (556th) game

Now I don't often do this, post my marking tanks etc, but my relationship with the game since I returned from my last extended break has been somewhat deleterious at best, and I was really rather pleased with this one for reasons I shall go into.

I had the usual rust to shake off when I came back, but confirmation bias or not, I have REALLY suffered since I started playing again. Like, dropped .15 overall WR even after 23k games suffering.

Try as I may I really haven't been able to put my stamp on games, or play to the level I am accustomed, and with that comes a certain frustration especialyl for a competitive soul such as I. I hate making excuses as I am well aware of the impact of myself in my games, but Jesus, my teammates have been at times absolutely woeful. Couple that with me playing poorly and it results in bad times.

But I digress. The PTA. This was one of my first higher tier tanks, back before it got buffed. Twice. Being still fairly new but always having an affinity for paper tanks and the playstyle/awareness/ map knowledge and sight lines they encourage, I loved it even if I sucked. Fast forward a bit and after marking a fair amount of lower tier tanks up to tier 7, I decided it was time to try for the bigger boys.


I've told this story in various places for various reasons more than once. but I have got this tank to 94.5%~ not once but twice. The last time I did it was just after the big physics update (I forget the year or date but you know what I mean). I loaded into Abbey, and decided that I'd head to the "heavy" brawl corridor, snipe to the middle, yada yada…

I went down the hill and proceeded to head up the windy path to the higher ledge on autoforward whilst taking a drink. My tank promptly went up the wall, slid like Torville and Dean, and pirouetted into the water below upside down. I quit in shame, on 0 damage and dropped back to the 80 percent bracket. I gave up for a long time after that, and just played it occasionally but never having a session to try to bump it up again. It was too painful man.

Read:  Most lucky shot i've ever gotten with a russian gun.

So with my shit run lately I decided to try to see but also maybe prove to myself that it's not just me being utter shit in my games (though largely I am) and that I can still mark a higher tier tank (even an easy one), so here we are.

I don't really care enough about stuff in this game anymore to be proud/braggadocious about anything regarding it, but I finally did it, it's Christmas, so fu*k it.

Have a good one all of you, even the ones of you I can't stand (you no doubt already know whom you are) 😀


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