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My 2 cents on the update.

WorldofTanks8 - My 2 cents on the update.

I know we've all read a hundred of these, but I thought I'd chuck my take in as well. Feel free to disagree with me.

I'll start with some stuff that I think was done well:

Game play wise, foliage is more full and obstructs view better. I love that.

The new reworked and buffed perks are nice. I like the aiming perk and reload perk that weren't there before, they make some of my guns feel like they aren't just shooting a wet noodle out of thier muzzles.

The tank readout next to your tank, in the garage, is a great addition.

Simple repair/med kits fixing and healing all damaged modules and crew at once is also fantastic.

Cheaper transfers of commanders, within nation, is great! 100000 to move my crews was part of the reason I had so many crews on different tanks.

Engine and tank sounds seem updated. I could be wrong, but I swear I didn't hear my tank creaking and moving like this before the update. I like the feeling it brings to hear my tank groan and creak like the war machines they are.

Module selection. I love being able to rearrange my tank. Tank the t-34-85 for example. The second package you used to get had the 122 derp in it, however, to increase your tanks engine you needed a different package that didn't have the 122 in it. Now you can run a fully upgraded tank with a different gun on it.

Aiming reticle. Beautiful. I like the entire new zoom system with its smooth rather that cut transitions.

Things I think were good ideas but need addressing:

The new commander system. I see where WG was going with it to try and close the skill gap a bit. To me, it sort of worked. A highly trained crew was a huge asset to any seasoned player. I never trained a crew past 12 skills in my 5 years or so of tanking, (because I wanted multiple crews for my different lines) but having just a few perks made a big difference in any player worth thier salt. But just because I didn't suffer as big of loss as some did doesn't mean I don't see the negative. People spent actuall money to train many of those crews and put endless hours into them as well. Capping at 9 perks, and a silver or free xp compensation, was really a dick punch. My suggestion is to rework a few more of the perks into eachother and add 3-6 more slots so things are a lot closer to what they used to be. IE combine the camo perks so you only need one slot instead of 3. Free respecs would also be great.

The HUD. Some great ideas, but just no. The new icons, for crew and modules, are junk. Did I just break my gun or a femur? Is that little box with a zappy sign my engine? Why does the driver look like it's a dude with an envelope on his head? The map needs to go back to where it isn't blocking gameplay as well. That was a huge oversight.

Things I think were done poorly:


Team colors. Red and green were perfect. Why is it now orange and blue? Who was playing sand river/el halluf/kasserine with all that orange and yellow sand and though light orange enemy markers was a great idea? Red, and the electric green stood out and looked better. If I had my way I'd say let people be able to choose the colors they want teams to be. While I like green and red, TacoDeathLordxXx might want thiers yellow and purple, idk.

The garage background. Does anybody else hear the music from Doom? Like thank God its not another wrestling ring but I didn't think there'd be something that made me miss the jungle garage this much. Dream/suggestion, give us a warehouse again where we can choose the tanks displayed in it from our current selection of owned tanks. I'd love a garage that has like 5 or 6 of my favorite tanks sitting in bays off to the side looking like they're being worked on. This barren landscape is so dull.

Tech tree. Go back to the other system. This system is too spread out and the premium tree is just confusing as hell. Also you can't look at upcoming modules on upcoming tanks to see if they are shared with other tanks or not. This is critical in my thinking of how I want to advance down a line and if I want the optional upgrades. Now it's all mandatory and you can't tell what modules are shared anyway. We need to be able to see what future modules will do to the performance of our tanks and if they're worth getting.

Update graphics? I really don't see the upgrade here. To me the colors look more cartoony than before.

After battle report. Anorher "why change it". You can't see how much damge you did to individual enemies tanks anymore. I liked being able to see that I slugged that jgpz e100 for 1200 health. Also being able to see teammates performances as well needs to come back. The winner 3 end screen is nice though I think it should list the tank name and tier and include the top 3 xp earners from either team, not just the winning team (at least I don't think it does that).

Tier 1+2 removal. While I know we kept our 1s and 2s we had in our garages, removing them for brand new players wasn't the right option. Stating them on tier 3 is fine but make them available to purchase still. Let the newbies be the judge of if they want to go back and play a low tier. Seal clubbing happens at every tier. Giving away tier 8 premiums to playes who struggle at tier 6 is handing experienced players someone to club in itself!. Put low tiers back in and make them free, they are a needed introduction to the game and don't take long to get out of.

Eliteing tanks. Why do I need to play a tank for 25k more xp after I finish it to elite it?

I'm betting I missed some stuff but I can't think of anymore right now. Listen to your player base Wargamming.

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