World of Tanks

My attempt at a simplified description of True Vision

WorldofTanks4 - My attempt at a simplified description of True Vision

From the shitforums:

Since all enemies are visible at all times, there will be two ways to spot the enemy.

Manually (NEW!)

– This is just spotting the enemy with your naked eye.

– When seeing the enemies with your naked eye, you won't have any of the normal vision/aiming assistance such as; tank outlines, ability to lock on or use radial commands, HUD elements, etc.

Automatically (EXISTING SYSTEM)

– This is where the game detects the game automatically using your tanks View Range to defeat the enemy's Concealment.

– When enemies are detected this way, you will have full visions/aiming assistance such as; tank outlines, ability to lock on or use radial commanders, HUD elements, etc.

Simplified Example: Imagine a perfectly flat, empty map, 1000m in every direction. Normal weather, no terrain. No bushes. nothing. and say it's 1v1 and you spawn at either end of the map.

  • Current mechanics: You won't see each other until you drive within spotting range (view range minus reds camo, etc), when, like magic, they'll pop into view out of thin air with an alarming sound.
  • True Vision: You'll both be visible immediately (because all tanks are rendered at all times, and there's no terrain blocking your view of each other). The other tank might be very small and as you glance around you might miss them. You can't RB auto-lock them when you think you see them. You won't get a helpful red outline identifier when your crosshair goes over him. You can't call for fire on him even when you do have your crosshair on him. Your gun might not be effective out tot hat range. He won't show up on mini map until you spot him traditionally., and when he does you'll get the alarm sound, red outline, RB snap, he'll show on mini map…but it'll be a simple transition, not appearing out of the blue.


Now, once you add in real terrain:

  1. A rendered tank that's behind a hill is not findable or targetable, because you won't have line of sight to him.
  2. A rendered tank that's 700m, in line of sight, away and partially behind a rock and fully behind a bush will be visible as if you were looking outside your house right now with binoculars at something that far away. i.e. You might not recognize that they're there, eventhough they're actually rendered to your screen but are behind all that stuff. Remember you won't get the red outline if you happen to crosshair over him.
  3. A rendered Vanguard that's 200m away, in line of sight, and partially behind a rock and fully behind a bush would be rendered (and could easily remain unspotted vs. many tanks) and could be fully missed in the fog of war.
  4. The roving T100LT zooming across the flats on Steppes is going to be seen to anyone with line of sight because he's in the open. I'd expect he'll get noticed (but not formally spotted) since he's moving too. He's going to be hard to hit , as always, but might be even harder to hit because of the time lost in noticing him, and manually aiming him in (remember you can't RB snap to get your basic aiming on target).

Arty: I don't see much advantage here. It only works for arty in chase cam view mode. And Arty is rarely in a position, intentionally, to get line of sight on anyone. Remember tanks located by the new manual mode don't show up on the radar.

Real camo might actual have more of a purpose for campers.

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