World of Tanks

My attempt at constructive criticism

WorldofTanks4 - My attempt at constructive criticism

I came to the update with nothing but high hopes, which I realize was setting myself up for failure no matter what came out – nothing this major can magically just work – but I did it with the intent that I won't sabotage my initial impressions with predetermined hatred for, well, everything.

Holy fucking shit. Where do I even start?! I don't know what exactly counts as "constructive" at this point, but I can definitely lay down some stuff that does not work.

User interface, menus specifically:

The user interface is entirely unintuitive, and you can't really find anything without dumb luck. Ie. the Log that I personally used to keep track of what tank won or lost, how much XP came from the games, what rewards dropped etc. The log itself is hidden behind several sub menus instead of having it's own tab now, apply this logic to anything from season challenges to your barracks and you start getting the picture.

Basic functions:

How you managed to make just changing your tank's crew into to a whole project is just baffling. I can queue into games with premium tanks with what I assume is the cleaner, because I definitely didn't get to pick a crew for it on launching it. Changing equipment, ammo, consumables and of all the fucking things, the currency I'm spending on them is a complete mess and takes five times the effort and ten times the patience, something I cannot imagine wasn't an obvious problem to even the devs building this, unless they had completely stopped playing the actual base game for reference (or any other functional game for that matter)

Tech tree:

I doubt much needs to be said. If someone found the original confusing, they'd get an aneurysm trying to navigate this gong show. Right off the bat, unless you knew there are several tank lines, you wouldn't even know to look for them. Nothing indicates to tanks being on the outsides of the screen and you need a PhD in bullshit to make sense of the Premium tree.


Gameplay HUD:

What… Why… How would you even begin to make it to this from what it was? It's absolutely filled with unnecessary windows and info, like having a half-detailed layout of two tank's crew and equipment (but not the actual layout of the tank, but a generic box tank), a map, scoreboard, big ass flashing flag notifications, scores popping up on the screen! It literally looks like some bootleg Call of Duty on a mobile, and with so much stuff popping off on the screen with muted sound effects for anything actually informational (enemy spotted audio cue, 6th sense cue, targeted cue etc.) the monotone HUD becomes completely unreadable in an actual match. You know it's too busy when just sitting in an arty could give you a seizure from the sheer flashing white and blue text and effects.

The obvious:

The game is losing it's core identity, and judging by the M1 Abrams and the "redacted" modern tech tree, the keycards to replace wooden crates etc. And the "garage" to take us to the other realm, where modern games get their color schemes from, you guys want to lose the current identity. I just genuinely don't think you understand it means also losing the players who play World of Tanks instead of War Thunder in the first place. The entire update is beyond tone deaf to the actual playerbase, a result of what I assume is spending way too much time with your internal builds and way too little on the actual game you have out.

Bugs, crashes, freezing menus, missing features like some stats, post-game menu straight from Battlefront on PlayStation 2, you name it, it's been complained about, but this is my take on what absolutely needs to be worked out, or there won't be a year worse than 2020 for this game, as this will be it's last. What a fucking mess.

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