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My first ever Kolobanov’s and Radley medals, super stoked as a newer player

WorldofTanks2 - My first ever Kolobanov's and Radley medals, super stoked as a newer player

I know end game screenshots are not allowed unless following the rules. I hope I am doing this correctly.

Kolobanov's and Radley end game pic

I'm still fairly new at this game with only 4100 battles. This is the best game I have played to date and expect it will remain so for quite some time.

The game map was on Cliff. Tier V and VI game. I am in my favorite little light tank, the Rover-237. I decided I wanted to work on getting the second MoE on it today. Our starting base was at the south, K3 area, their base was in the north at A3. I decide to head to the top of lighthouse hill, which I never do but wanting to try something different. Im the only light in the game.

I make it to the top of Lighthouse Hill. Spot 8 targets. They are making a move around the

Cliff Side. Most of our team stayed in the Bottleneck area. I take pop shot after pop shot on the heavies moving around the hill and protecting my HP. The 2 team mates that did push south Cliff Side, get overwhelmed.

At this point It is 7 v 9.

I see we are starting to lose the push and I decide to come down from the hill to get some flank shots. In the few seconds it takes me to get down from lighthouse hill, their Arty had already destroyed two more tanks making it 5 vs 9. I think at this point this is likely a loss and I am try hard to get the 2nd MOE on this tank. So I decide to go for their Artillery.

By the time I get to the Basin, I see the FV304 racing down the 1 line toward our base I put one shot into him miss the next two and then he is out of sight. I continue on towards A1 where I can see the other Arty firing. Once there, I look up and see we have lost the Bottle Neck.

It is time for me to do my job and collect the Pascucci medal in this loss and farm as much XP as I can. By the time I make it around the corner of their base to spot their M44 Arty, the match is down to 2 vs 7.

Our team has Myself and a Cromwell left while they have an Absolution, Firefly VC, A-43, ARL V39, SU-85, M44 and that FV304 that I missed.

I proceed to easily take out artillery M44 sitting in the corner of A1.

2 v6

Seconds later their Absolution took out our Cromwell


I know approximately where the Absolution and remembered the FV304 was headed toward our base. I head back up around the Foothills so I can get eyes on the base. Sure enough I hear the base cap sound go off. I creep up in a bush, spot the Arty and put the last shot into him.


At this point I am only thinking about getting enough damage to move my MOE closer to a 2 mark. I never thought for a second I could win it. As I killed the Arty I lit up the absolution, no shots. I hide for a minute waiting. Send a couple of shots off to the Absolution, they bounce, he goes back into hiding. I decide to use my quickness and vision to my advantage. I start creeping out of the bush from the cliff over looking the Evergreen Gulch headed towards mole hill. The two remaining TD's have me worried.

Immediately spotted by the Firefly racing around. He has just over 200 health. I RB, RT, snapshot him, he misses me. I drive up next to him and give him the final kill shot.



Both TD's light up. They have me in a cross fire. The closest one, ARL V39, is coming around the other side of the mole hill. He puts the first shot into me taking me from 600 health to 343. He is half health. I engage him. I circle around him popping shot after shot. In my mind I think this is it, just get one more shot to help the MOE level. He hits me one more time, takes me down to 148. I get behind him, two more shots and he is done.

1 v3

I race down the cliff towards Valetown and around through the bottle neck to get some cover and get unspotted. IM thinking the Absolution likely went to cap or is somewhere near the base. I creep back towards our base moving though bushes and rock to rock. Back at the base I reverse position myself in a bush on the edge of the hill. I spot the Absolution over at Dead Mans Retreat. All I can see is his Cupola. He moves back and forth. I fire a few shots bounce/miss. Running low on ammo with only 18 rounds. I finally hit his cupola twice and finish him.

1 v2

At this point my heart is kind of racing. I'm thinking maybe I can do this. I kind of start shaking a little. I have been in this position once before with this tank but I choked on the last TD and failed to win clutch it.

I stay in the bush on the base for just a little longer thinking one of them will come for me while the other one sets up for the kill shot once I am detected. Sure enough the A-43 comes flying down the 2 line through bottle neck. I'm still hidden. I see he only has 78 health. I shoot, miss right behind him. He stops at the rock. I decide to move. Two more shots on the move towards him, both miss. I keep moving towards him. He peeks between a rock and a blown up T1 Heavy. I pop him for the kill shot.


Me with 148 health and the SU-85. about 3:30 left of game time. I have 10 rounds left. I have no idea where he is. I move back ot the base. Sit in a bush for 30 seconds. Hands kind of trembling. Then it is time to move. Less than 3 mins now remain. I move up through Homestead, then the foothills trying to spot him. I peek out over Molehill cliff toward the Basin. Nothing. I circle back around the Basin towards Lighthouse hill. He lights up. He is moving from his base towards the bottle neck. He is full health, 350 HP. I fire two shots, miss behind him. 8 rounds left. I catch him for 100 dmg with the next shot. 7 rounds left. Miss the next 2 shots as he goes undetected.

5 shots left.

I move down into the basin. Light him up near the corner. Snap shot. Miss. 4 shots left. Make a wide circle, snap shot, hit, 108 dmg. 3 shots left. Continue to move around him. Snap shot again. Miss. 2 shots left. Then BAM. Hit him for the remaining health.

This was an adrenaline filled game for me and was such a rush to clutch the win. Love this little tank even if it is proving extremely hard to 2 Mark it. This game also gave me my first Ace Tanker in this tank after having numerous great games and only getting the Class 1 badge.

Final Game Stats were:

9 Kills

3396 damage

42 direct hits

Devastator, Pascucci, KoloBanov's, Radley-Walters, Top Gun, High Caliber, Ace Tanker

Not sure how many images are allowed, but here is a screenshot of the final shot showing my ammo count:

Final Shot to clutch

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