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My “The Road to Unicum”

WorldofTanks6 - My "The Road to Unicum"

Here is my “The Road to Unicum”

I have started to play at the middle of August 2018 and played exclusively solo up to the very few months.

Here is my short story and my finding. Hope they will help somebody to improve.

Somewhere around 2K battles (October 2018) I just realized I am very bad player in this game.

For sure I enjoyed the game and every single time I had a decent game, was happy like a teenager.

That time I believed all the guys do 1K DMG in tier 6 are very good players and everybody above 2K are cheaters.

My achievements were more than just modest. My Wn8 was around 300 …

That time I often played a polish Pudel, needless to say I had played very very bad … so a typical game of me was “you go do not know where and doing what don’t knowing what”.

No knowledge of the maps. So technically I did not know where am I going. So advices like to watch setup or try to survive as much as you can are senseless. Without knowledge of the maps you cannot archive a progress quickly.

So I decided to read some guides about the tank I played and watch some streams on the subject.

Actually It did not help a lot, the only reasonable advice I could paradoxically apply is “try to leave as long as you could…”

I started to camp by playing a middle tank. Let’s call it PURE CAMPER strategy.

“Pudel is the second line fighter” I was told so many times out of the guides and streams I watched. I just misinterpreted “the second line fighter” phrase.

By camping I got a small improvement, for sure I got my survival rate improved a bit and I was able to make a little bit more damage.

So I started to consider a new “improved strategy”. I know many of you dislike XVM but as I said in my other posts I had found it helpful, I started to follow the green players during a battle.

This way I discovered A LOT of position to make BIG (by my previous standards) initial damage. Also I drastically improved my knowledge of the maps, because I was so brave to follow green players to positions and places I never seen before. So my new improved strategy was something like – to get quickly to a position where you can make desent initial damage and then to camp the rest of the battle in bushes around hoping to catch somebody on his mistakes. Especially this worked when your team was loosing, worth to mention your influence to the game is minimal at all. I won because of others’ efforts and lost because of my stupid strategy.

Outcome of “CLEVER CAMPER” strategy actually was not bad at all, I learned the maps (I knew most of very good positions for initial shooting), I learned where is the nearest bushes are located …. my stats went orange and then went yellow as I adopted T-34-85 (I was able make my very first 3 marks). One most important finding I get used to play in low Alpha tanks and fill very comfy in tanks have BIG DPM and fast reload. I would say I was very successful in punishment of those who were careless …

Along the way I read a lot and learned stuff about skills and perks, 100% crew and how crew important in order to play well, I learned simple game mechanics like view range, radio range etc, concealment… start to memorize weak spots of the tanks. Huge misconception of mine was a “tanking” I meant any my attempts to block incoming damage … almost year later I clearly understand on tier 6 there are no medium tanks can tank a shoot (exception can be Pudel or Panther they can bounce a shot out of turret) … unfortunately the guides did not mentioned it or have not been clear on the subject.

This was very key point as I have not seen a way how I can improve and get myself to the next level.

My summary: CLEVER CAMPER strategy allowed me to become a yellow player only, I had no influence to the end game result. I was not able to improve my winrate. Actually I believe the lower range yellow players have no any influence to an end game result at all.

About that time I finally get used to rollover back after the shot, but most important I started to rollover back before a shot trying to get 15 meters out of bushes. Believe or not but this one had one of the biggest impact to my average results in general. Streamers’ videos got much more sense for me as I easy could recognize lot of locations on the maps!

Now I could visually imagine a place and myself doing something similar. I started watch regular streams trying to notice what those guys doing.

During winter of 2019 were my numerous attempt to find my way to improve … my WN8 grew toward the green, but the progress was kinda slow. I stack.

Two things must have happened to make another big leap.

  1. Early spring one of my friend from Canada proposed to platoon with him (he is a dark blue (wotlabs) player with WN8 over 2.2K and ongoing Wn8 over 2.5K) I discovered he is much more active than me. He is much more aggressive and he is not scary to get to the very first line… So my WN8 over the session of that time in my favorites medium tanks was about 1600-1800 his was way above 2400, so I started to compare and I have discovered a small fact he makes twice more shoots playing even from the same position! I tried to play aggressively and find some bravity to move up out of active TD positions in the middle game. I learned how to use my turret and how to use gun depression. I learned how to play by KD and track my opponents. My results were improved to be over 2K WN8 in my sessions playing middles on tier 8, but still were not close to ones I wanted. But this was a huge mental shift to “NO CAMP STRATEGY”. So everything were cool for the tier 6 but for tier 8 still lot of new things to learn.

  1. I started watch the streams of russian players: especially Stanlox and MeanMachine. The first one thought me not scary at all and drive directly to the very fist line out of start (like my friend), but most important on many map you going to fight heavies by playing the medium tanks on their flank. I tried to memorize nuances and details from his replays – how to atack how to hide, how to push and how to retreat. Also eventually I were able to concentrate and found beneficial to analyze game setups. So I could understand why he goes one way or another. I started read MINI-MAP a lot. My results were jumped up to 2600 WN8 in avarage. The second streamer plays more conservative and he was able to demonstrate how to use relief into your advantage. How to get from the side by using relief and many other helpful tricks like that. Look like I discovered that on the map there are lot of invisible houses and bushes are almost everywhere and you can use it to hide yourself out of enemies' guns. My result was rocketed to over 3.5 WN8 in my favorite Tier 8 medium tanks) and winrate went over 65%.

So I am still on my way to unicum…

I still learning. I still have good and bad days. October 2018 I would had be happy to shoot twice or to kill somebody. Now the sessions lower 2.6K WN8 will upset me.

In front of me a new year of studying of heavy tanks and improve the results in all of the tanks I were not able to play well this year.

Here is my almost year of study summary:

  1. Analyze your games, watch you own replays trying to find a better way to play or handle a particular situation. Quite often out of the battle you can better see your own weaknesses from a side.

  2. Learn the maps! Literally learn them. From inside of training room or any other way you like.

  3. Learn the game mechanics (especially concealment and the 15 meters rule and use them into your advantage!)

  4. Crew is most important part of your tank!

  5. Do not camp, and work from distance only if you lost more than half of your HP, or you lost a wing and had to retreat

  6. You may start experiments with side-tanking on mediums on tier 7,8. Learn how to use gun depression!.

  7. Tier 5 tanks have no HP to exchange, so playing them you never get improved your results in upper tiers.

  8. Change positions and flank quickly in medium tanks and be greedy to find the targets. Most of players are stationary siting like those ducks waiting for a good hunter like you!

  9. Learn characteristics of your armor and guns.

  10. Be brave be at the first line, do not scary! Be behind your heavies in the second line if you are bottom tier. Learn to play attack by KD.

  11. Simple stupid but try to leave as long as you could by “no camping” strategy!

  12. Don’t be stupid If you gonna lost a wing upcoming minute, retreat now! Learn to play by utilizing your DPM from the bushes in such situations.

  13. Learn how to turn relief to your advantage, this one was a real break-through thing to learn and practice in medium tank!

  14. Watch mini-map OFTEN, Track it VERY OFTEN in conjunction with point 8 you will fill much more comfy in your decisions and you should be able to plan your game in advance!

  15. Blind a lot, blind to the same bushes you would use in case of camping! I almost every single game hit somebody who’s camping in bushes. You do not need to see them, because those campers are on the same bushes every single game so make them believe you are a cheater 🙂

Good luck dear tankers!

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