World of Tanks

My time away made me think about what WOT was

WorldofTanks3 - My time away made me think about what WOT was

What WOT was

I started playing this game on 360 back in 2015. I was new to it all and tbh not very good. The years rolled by and I became quite passionate about the game. Having a feel for the gameplay, building up intuition. Map familiarity etc. The Russian T34 is my machine of choice and I knew that tank inside and out. I remember having so many great games with random people, Good random people. The great times when having two teams of equal skill was the norm, or at the very least not rare. teaming up with friends to take down a goliath while not having to worry too much about arty.

New updates started rolling out and things slowly changed, I remember the father land event as being the absolute best, and then things start going downhill for me.

Teams became quite one sided, base capping because common for some reason, more premiums and the Mercenary contracts all made the game more rage inducing to me. My Xbox live ran out on May 2020 so I stopped playing, I lost interest because the game wasn't what it could have been.

I lurked on here and over at the forums so I knew exactly what the community thought about each update. Update released – breaks game – community point it out – half arsed attempt to fix it – repeat.

I was done… Until I played Raid Shadow Legebhhahaha no.

For Christmas this year I was fortunate enough to get an Xbox and so had to try WOT again. I had been itching to play it. "Perhaps it is back to the way it was" I thought to myself. While the game was downloading I came on here and.. oh mY GOD! Everything looked different and people were pissed. The installation was complete so I played it.


The game is different now, I don't think it'll ever go back to the way it was. But still, even though it hasn't scratched that itch for me I still see so much potential!

Personality I would like less foliage although that could change as I'm still getting used to the non 360 graphics. Removal of the 25 skill/perk slots is annoying! I spent years building my crew, I think I had 19 on one of them so I'd like for those to be re implemented. I can see why they did it, I just wish they didn't. I see the chemo didn't work, artillery is still present and even buffed! Literally! They're more dangerous now which doesn't make sense when everything else has been dumbed down

The game now has a season pass much like many other ftp games. I don't mind that myself.

Writing all of this out has made me realise that the number one quality of any game for me is the players. A lot of veteran players have left and probably won't come back. However we do have new players so I hope they have ample opportunities to learn the game and grow passion from it.

The development of this game is interesting to me. Perhaps the higher ups have been pushing for more monetization and therefore less resources and time for other issues. They do seem to have a history of not listening to the community which doesn't make sense to me. Someting's up and not in a good way.

I'll keep playing for now but still I get nostalgic for the old game

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