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My two cents about the Obj 430U shenanigans.

WorldofTanks3 - My two cents about the Obj 430U shenanigans.

As per usual

about it talking about exactly what I am going to write here, obviously a bit more in depth and with visual examples, but oh well 😉

Part 1:

It looks like all the other clusters ( EU, NA, AISA) are aware of the problem with the cancelled 430U nerfs. But so far nothing got posted on the portals not like it was on the RU webpage. Also obviously CIS is the biggest server and 430U is a russian tank hence why it generates more news on the CIS Portal. But it might also be that WGEU,NA and Asia know about the backlash which might come. I can't say if WG is now doing damage reduction with not posting about those changes on the main portal but then again, in the EU Forums ( german section) official WG employees said the nerfs got cancelled. It has to be noted though that the wording just says that all previous changes got cancelled, not further ones being blocked too.

Part 2:

So why is the 430U such a problem? Well when we look at pure stats on wotlife you will see that on every server listed there ( EU, NA, CIS) the 430U has around 52% winrate which is one of the highest non reward tanks winrate. Most of the time only being bested by EBR ( with little players having the tank ) and 268V4 which still tends to be a pretty strong tank. Only on RU server the winrate is overshadowed by Spaghetto 65 WZ 11111115a and others, yet it still has 52%+ winrate. So we do have a statistical significance in its performance. But how comes that just after 3 days of testing ( what I take of the release dates of both portal posts about the med rebalance) they dropped the nerfs to the 430U?

Part 3:

I bet my money on the fact that sadly enough that the Supertest is RU only. Not only do Russian players have different philosophies but also different playstyles. I am sure Skill4ltu can confirm this as he regularly plays on RU server ( and 100% marks tanks… freeking madlad) . But this can lead to very biased opinions and one sided views of problems. This is also why I want to do this post and talk about this problem. Leaving out the other communities just makes a bigger divide on this problem and opens up ravines between playercommunities. And the non CIS communities just see REEE RUSSIAN BIAS BLYAT . So what COULD be done to fix such a problem?

Part 4:


Wargaming already did try to solve such a problem. Not in WoT but in WoWs. From my point of view of a Player which sometimes plays WoWs and often reads news about the game I noticed that a lot of ships before they get sold or published to the game get tested through different phases on the LIVESERVER by CC's and WG-Employees. Not only do different Clusters now get put into consideration but also the common public has insight in changes and upcoming content. Why is that good? Not only can WG like this have data about tanks in a more realistic environment because lets be honest. Common Test is just clickbait material for YouTubemakers and a bugfinding shenanigans ( where bugs still don't get addressed *cough cough * EBR 105 wheel angle *cough cough * 268V4 mantlet clipping through )

But also is Testserver really inaccurate to test things in my eyes. Everybody can have the crew of their dreams, can have up to 3 tanks fully equipped with bond equipment but also just spam premium shells with no remorse. Also wayyyy more 4005 Stage II's then on live server. So why not try to implement a system like in WoWs?

Part 5:

It might be game engine and server Limitations. German CM sent me a post by german streamer, CC and Fame member Mailand. He got invited to meet 4 members of WG's Team and had a talk about the game. Circon was also invited as noted in the post. Most important is the second paragraph where he talks about the eyeopening discussion they had about almost every aspect of the game. Especially interesting is the talk about limitations they have. So those limitations could in theory mean parts like introducing ST tanks to the liveserver for CC's to test. We should not forget that WoWs is a younger game then WoT is and has inherited a lot of knowledge about what to do and what not to do ( still they did some stupid mistakes. Graf Zeppelin says hello).


Well one final note. It is good to see that WG sees a rebalance is necessary, its also good to see they noticed that 430U is too strong. So props to them for wanting to make changes to the game! But over all we got problems in Bias, one sided views on a Supertest which is exclusive to one nation only and that it felt like that other clusters input get ignored. Solutions can be found in allowing different players from EU, NA and Asia on the Supertest ( one argument against this used to be that leaks would get out way quicker… but look now into forums. WG is very open about upcoming changes and gives CC's time to prepare posts about them. Sure leaks can always happen but leaks still went through with a RU only Supertest) or adding Supertests to liveserver to allow CC's and other players to test such vehicles. This might be limited though by coding and the age of the game.

Thank you for your attention



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