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My Update 5.0 Breakdown

WorldofTanks4 - My Update 5.0 Breakdown

Things I like:

  • New look of the maps with actual foliage is fantastic. I've not even taken advantage of the camo potential yet but it's still fantastic to see. Im on a One X so dunno about Ones but it looks fab.

  • The reticle, gun, shell behaviour feels sharper and snappier. Love it though is this placebo/anecdotal. Has the 360 been killing the feel of the gun physics? What do you guys think?

  • New map is fine by me even if its just Airfield with extra steps.

  • They at least made the AT line slightly better even if its not enough to make them relevant. Its all about the tier 10 anyway so making the miserable slog slightly less painful is always appreciated.

  • The cap ends at 100 not a fictitious 105 giving time for draws or game prolonging kills. Thematically and practically this is a solid change even if you dont like it; it makes sense.

  • Crossplay. It doesnt matter to me at all that some of the players have a different platform to me. All I see is a much healthier population and faster game times. I do miss seeing a lot of familiar gamertags as EU seems to be 75% PS4 in my new experience but whatever.

  • Tracks still work on slopes and rocks. Soapy/icy rocks were really annoying.

Things I'm ambivalent about

  • Exp change rewards campers and arty, which are both aids, but its nice not to have your exp denied cos some dude tracked the guy you're circle farming or similar.

  • New spawn variants. I get it changes things but I like knowing the meta. Some of these throw everything out the window. Just gotta get used to it I guess though my feeling is that some of them arent very good or balanced.

  • Commander mode. Have never given a shit and that remains so. I also didnt need silver 😉

  • Siege mode on my STB. I want 15 degrees of gun depression for sure but it takes some getting used to when you cant auto drive below 10km/h and the aiming circle jumps around sometimes. Its weird.

  • The game ending immediately feels unnatural and weird but actually it doesnt affect me. I dont care for the messages sent at the end; they mean nothing to me and it makes sense to just move onto the next game.

  • Battle pass. Some people dont like the sales tactic or this move to a more modern day aggressive pay scheme. I dont see it as good or bad overly. Its a similar earning scale to the free ops with an option to buy a pass that is cost neutral (well actually slightly positive) for currency and gives you plenty of rewards. Dont buy it if you dont want; simple. They've thrown enough free shit at us for ages now you cant feel hard done to.

Things I dislike

  • Summerslam. I like WWE (well when i was a youngster and it was the WWF and we had actual decent characters like Stone Cold, Kane and The Rock) and I like tanks. I do not like mixing the two. They have nothing to do with each other and it just feels a gaudy stupid promotion. I had really high hopes for the direction of the game with Valor but alas that was just a 3 month season now we have this monstrosity.

  • The garage. I wouldnt like it even if it was just a wrestling ring because that's dumb. But inside the merc jungle? With incessant clapping? Fuck me its irritating.

  • Being taken to the bastard battle pass page after every fucking game. I dont want to buy it. Nothing in it interests me. Im not going to cave just because you shove it down my throat; its just generating resentment.

  • The font and tab changes. Not a fan but thats pedantic. Moving the boosters behind a tab on the battle pass is a pain in the ass though.

Think that covers it. TLDR: 5.0 was really really solid. Great update including the death of 360 and crossplay which along with MM and Arty made up probably 1/3 of the most requested changes to the game. However Summerslam was trash for existing community though I hear it has had a positive effect for WG :S. I feel if they hadnt overshadowed 5.0 with this new season timing it would have generated a much larger dose of goodwill.

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