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NA Community Night – December 29th, 2018

WorldofTanks10 - NA Community Night - December 29th, 2018

Howdy ladies and gents!

You are cordially invited to our upcoming Community Night.

For those that have never before had the chance to participate, our Community Nights can be described thusly: A few times per year, the RDDT clans come together to host a community event where anyone, whether you're in the Reddit family or not, can join for some fun-filled hours of activity. Players of all skill levels are welcome! The only requirement is to be a good sport and be ready to laugh all night long. During Community Night, we run a variety of fun events. Some are for for prizes and some are just for the sheer, raw, unadulterated fun. On SATURDAY, December 29th at 5PM PST / 8PM EST (with events kicking off around 1 hour later), we will gather together on our TeamSpeak server – TS.RDDTCLANS.COM – to kick off the fun!

  • Note: this will be hosted on the Central NA server.

I have worked closely with the WG NA Offices in order to bring you all something extra special for the holidays. Yes, there should be prizes to give out that I requested from /u/Tragicloss. However, I personally requested fewer direct prizes this time because of another request I made to /u/1984BigBrother. That request – which should be finished later today – was for 300 special event accounts. These accounts will have every tank in the game with full crews and plenty of gold/silver to sling around to outfit them. They will be limited to training rooms only (so no messing around in pub matches in them), and the accounts will expire a day or so after Community Night is over.

These accounts mean that we will very likely have access to the Panhard EBR for our races and demolition derbies, which should hopefully take the normal chaos factor over 9000. We are looking forward to all the silliness! Also, if you remember earlier, I mentioned that I asked for fewer direct prizes for us to give out. While I have not yet been given the list by Tragic, we should hopefully have a handful of premium tanks to give out. Another part of what I have been working hard on is to have as many NA employees as possible show up and join us in the fun for Community Night. 1984BigBrother has already indicated to me he will be there. Hopefully TragicLoss will be as well. I have also invited /u/CabbageMechanic and /u/Senator_Ratbat, as well as a general invite to any WG employees who want to show up. I even made a small request to them to save some of their prize budgets for the night so that they could give out small, random goodies on a whim if they so choose.

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At this point, you all are probably wanting to know about what events we will be running. With the Event Accounts that we will be getting, our events will definitely get ramped up and more chaotic – which is all part of the fun!



  • PZ1C Panhard Races: OK, so not quite Nascar or 24 hours of Le Mans, but this is always a crowd favorite. We will be zipping around maps and laughing as people flip, roll, fall into the water, and more on their way to victory.
  • Destruction Derby: With 2 variations and 3 courses currently – Team and Solo – there will be mayhem and bone-crunching action to be had. Once again, the PZ1C’s Panhards get to flex their muscles!
  • Battle Boats: World of Warships? TOG’s? NO! Bring out your favorite Sky Pig, I mean, SPG, and have fun in one of a handful of variations of all Arty Death and Destruction. With the event accounts, this could be really intriguing.
  • Battle Bridge: Get your fattest tank ready to help in this shove-a-thon! 2 teams line up on a bridge and at the start of the match, both teams try to shove through each other to get to the other side. Be ready to witness tanks wearing other tanks as hats.
  • Duck Hunt: A bunch of tier 3 and under tanks on the center road of Lakeville + Derps/Arty in the City + the road slowly shrinks as 2 much larger tanks slowly squeeze in. Be the last alive in this frantic back-n-forth dash!
  • Don’t Forget: Winner of Design a Community Night Event – Cat and Maus – and the usual Trash Compactor, Long Jump, Hide-n-Seek, Derp-Dash and more!
  • Note: events subject to change. Exact event prizing to be determined at a later date.


This section will be filled in as prizing details get to me.


I apologize for not having as much time as I wanted to contact streamers and set anything up. If anyone wants to stream the event, please contact me with your stream information and I will update this section with your information so that if people are curious, they can watch the insanity. Also, for everyone attending, please be aware that the event is 100% open to streaming by anyone, no permission needed.


I requested 300 of these accounts, which will hopefully be given to me in a list with the appropriate information either later today or on Monday. Once I have the information, I will create a new post in which people can request an account ahead of time so that we don't have a logjam on the 29th trying to get people their Event Account information. I will edit this section to include a link to that Post once it is up. The accounts will be first-come-first-serve, with a slight-preference given to current reddit clan membership. All of the account information should be given out about 1 – 2 days ahead of time, so you will have your Event Account info before the 29th.

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How to Join

We don’t bite (hard). Come on and join in!

  • You will need TeamSpeak 3 installed (you can find it here) and working sound. A mic is recommended but not required – as long as you can listen in and type, you should be good to go.
  • Log on to our TS server at and sign in with our TS bot for FRIEND tags. When you first log in you will receive a personal message from the bot – log in through the message and you'll be ready to go. If you have never joined our TS before, it will be a good idea to do so at least once ahead of time to get your Friend tag.
  • Once you're set up, join us in the Community Night Lobby subchannel. It is within the Main Lobby and should be listed right below you.
  • From that point, we will be giving directions on how to get to the right training rooms for all the fun! To do this, log on to US Central, then at the top of your garage where it says "Random Battle", select that and change it to "Team Training". From there, search for a room hosted by one of our event coordinators.


I am hoping to see everyone – both Reddit and non-Reddit – there having fun, enjoying yourselves, maybe winning a cool prize, and most of all – ending the end of your week, your month, and your year with lots of laughter, lots of fun, and in the case of a few of you, something shiny and new in your garage.

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