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WorldofTanks2 - (NA) My Favorite WG Events

As we all do, for every WG event, I have a range of feelings about them, from "This sucks and I'm not even gonna try" to "Wow! This was really great!"

I thought about the ones that I've really, really liked and decided to list my top 10 (plus some Honorable Mentions). I know that my favorites may not be YOUR favorites … Please keep in mind that I only started playing WoT in late 2014.

  1. "A Well-Deserved Reward" in early 2019 is my all-time favorite WG thing. Although some people complained anyway, we ALL received thousands of bonds and many received a free tank along with other goodies.
  2. Tank Rewards over the years. This was WGNA's way to insert monthly missions for free premium tanks, boosters, and consumables. They say they will resume doing this in 2019 and I hope they continue to substitute the gold value of a tank if you already possessed it.
  3. Tank Hollow 2015 and 2016 (or was it 2016 and 2017?) where you earned points to pick haunted houses (this was also a Tank Rewards event but I thought it deserved a special place). Each haunted house gave out a chance of a premium tank, unique emblems, and other cool stuff.
  4. Christmas Loot Boxes and Holiday Ops in general. I still have a lot of gold left over from this past Christmas and really like the ability to pick tech tree tanks that I want discounted as well as the sometimes obnoxious camouflages.
  5. Early in 2015, WGNA held a 60 day event to simply log in. Each day gave you 50,000 free credits per day, plus a free T7 Car (at 30 days) and free SU-100Y (at 60 days).
  6. "Operation Avenger" in 2019 … 140,000 XP that you didn't have to grind. There was a significant hiccup, but still, that was a TON of experience handed out for only a moderate effort.
  7. There have been several marathons but the one that I liked the most was the T-34-85M marathon (in July 2017). That gave us an (arguably) OP tank for an easy marathon.
  8. While the following three were completely separate events, all three gave out free gold with little or no effort: "Monster Mayhem" in October 2015 (up to 51 gold per day over 30 days), "Mission for Gold" in early 2015 (up to 30 gold per day for 31 days), and in early 2016, WGNA gave out up to 20 gold per day for two weeks (just to log in).
  9. Frontlines are great way to play your Tier 8 tanks against only other Tier 8 tanks.
  10. Scavenger Hunts over the years had prizes ranging up to Tier 8 premium tanks. Often, the codes were available right here on REDDIT.

My Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:
– Twitch Prime (Alpha and Bravo) that started in late 2018 gave us a small XP bonus, free tanks, crewmember, and other loot.
– Black Friday 2017 one year of premium time at 50% discount. Wow, we've yet to see this one return.
– Monthly "Wargaming's Own" by tier (2015). Just play normally and you could see how your monster battle matched up against other players' great battles (by tier and by month).
– "PAX Plunder" March 2015 had missions for free premium tanks.
– "Tank Racing" Oct 2014 was a pretty fun event that used Chaffee tanks to race around. This was about the time that I started playing, and while I had fun, I had no idea what I was doing.
– "Winter Showdown" 8-bit mode (Jan 2015) was a noob-friendly way to get crews trained. If updated to current standards, this could be a really nice event.
– Secret Santa (Dec 2015) was a way to give someone a prize and, in return, receive a prize.
– "Spectacular Summer" 2018 … great missions and GREAT discounts on certain premium tanks.
– "Great Railway Heist" … free bonds. I'm just sorry the pool of available bonds was exhausted sooner than I expected.


Note: many of my favorite events have taken place in the last year or two. I suspect that few of my favorite events required a major effort by WG developers.

Other events that I considered but didn't make my list: – Free low-tier tanks every year. Nice, but I rarely (if ever) play them.
– Weekend specials EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. This should probably be rated higher but perhaps I've taken it for granted.
– Appearance upgrades (Warhammer 40K, the numbers, paint, and the Christmas 2018 add-ons).
– "Leviathan's Invasion" for Halloween 2017.
– "Convoy Mode" which celebrated 100 years of armor.
– "Tank Football" in June of 2016.
– "Moon Mayhem" in April 2016.
– All those other marathons (E-25, TOG II, Carn AX, EBR, Pilot, WZ-111, T-34-100, FV201 (A45), and probably others that I can't remember.
– Halloween 2018 (I can't recall the name). Although this was one of the more fun events, it didn't make my list. I liked that the bots played with some intelligence (better than many pubbies, imo).

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