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NA Only – Design a Mission Contest

WorldofTanks10 - NA Only - Design a Mission Contest

Hello ladies and gents!

Today I am bringing you all a contest sponsored by the NA offices of WG. This is the 2nd contest (from submissions sent in by some members of the Community) that was approved. This one really had the NA Offices excited, as they loved the idea.

As a teaser of sorts, this is not the only contest/giveaway happening this month. There will be another Metal Earth sponsored contest soon, and I am working to try (emphasis on TRY, cannot promise) to get something really cool (at least for the NA server) for reaching 50k subscribers.

Anyway, let us get on to the contest! I will let the contest designer's words take over at this point.

Design a Mission (Set)

Have you become bored with WG’s missions?

Do you find them uninteresting simply too random to feasibly complete?

Well here is an opportunity to design your own missions and win a prize!


Design a Mission or Set of Missions (max 6)

Missions must have names and a Set can have an overarching title

Missions must have a condition that is completable in WoT battles. Note: this is not limited to random battles, though Training Rooms are excluded.

Missions must have an associated reward for completion of the mission. Rewards relate to the difficulty.

Missions can restrict the tanks that can complete the mission. For example by nation or by tier.

Missions can be repeatable, but do not have to be.

Missions can have a short accompanying description


There will be 3 winners for this competition. Each submission will be judged by a few different factors.

  • Consistency: Do all the part relate to each other? Does the title fit with the goal? How well do the missions in a set relate to each other?
  • Creativity: Is the mission interesting?
  • Fairness: Is the mission achievable? Does the reward match the difficulty?
  • Uniqueness: Is the mission different from thing WG has put out previously? Is it different from other submissions?
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Mission Name: Rush B

Condition: Accumulate 12 km traveled over 4 Ranked Battles

Reward: 5x 105-Octane Gasoline, 5x 100-Octane Gasoline

Mission Name: A Nation Stands Together

Condition: Win a battle in Strongholds with all team members playing tanks of the same nation

Repeatable: 5 Times

Reward: 10k credits

Mission Name: I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK

Condition: In a single match knock down 4 trees

Repeatable: 3 Times

Restrictions: Only completable in a Swedish Tank or the Ram II

Reward: 1x Small Repair, 1x Small First Aid Kit



The NA Offices want us to remind you that just because you win this contest, that there is no guarantee the mission(s) will ever be put in game. However, they just might be able to inspire missions that will be in the game in the future. Keeping that in mind, the missions you create should be able to be completed. The conditions of the missions need to be something tracked by the API or information possible to get from match data (e.g after battle report) so it is possible to encode the mission if WG would ever wish to create missions inspired by these entries in the future.


/u/TragicLoss once again came through for us and has secured the following prizes for this contest:

Bonus reward given for it being a Set of missions that wins.

1st Place – 1500 Gold + 20x Auto Fire Extinguishers, 20x Large Repair Kits, 20x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 20x Food consumable

2nd Place – 1000 Gold + 15x Auto Fire Extinguisher, 15x Large Repair Kits, 15x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 15x Food consumable

3rd Place – 500 Gold + 5x Auto Fire Extinguisher, 5x Large Repair Kits, 5x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 5x Food consumable

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Entries will be accepted from the time this is posted (Eastern Time) until 8pm on November 21, 2018. We will try our hardest to have the best 3 chosen and their names given to the NA Offices for prizes before the end of the month. Winning entries (and others we find very interesting) will be posted for you all to see once the names are submitted for prizing. Well, that is assuming permission is given to show them publicly.

The form is really simple – All we need is your In Game Name (so we know who to give a prize to if you win), your permission to post your entry publicly (as a winner or if we just find it interesting), and your entry.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!


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