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Needle – Is it worth the grind?

WorldofTanks4 - Needle - Is it worth the grind?

Link on Tankopedia: Needle

What is it made of?

  • Hull/Chassis/Tracks: Tier 4 – Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J (from T3 German Premium Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J )
  • Cannon: Tier 4 – 45 mm VT-42 – 75/55 AP (from T3/4 Soviet T-46, T-70, T-80)
  • Turret: Tier 4 – Needle – 330m View Range / 32 degree traverse (if anyone can help me here, I cannot figure out where they got this one from)
  • Engine: Tier 4 – GM 6062 6-71M – 192 horsepower (from T5 British Archer)
  • Radio: Tier 8 – FuG 8 – 550m (from various German tanks)
  • Crew: Comes with the Storm Hunter crew, which has the Deadeye skill.
  • Spaced Armor/Special Features
    • Middle plate on the front has jaws, which is cool (surprised things like this weren't incorporated into more tanks, only Needle, Stubbs, Machine have jaws on them. This is the only one with them on the hull instead of the turret)
    • Drab sandy color on hull, mostly rusty turret
    • This tank is a Pz. II J variant, and Pz. II J itself is a very unique tank, thus this tank is very unique


  • Cannon is good against other tier 4 and non-heavy tier 5 (for the most part)
  • 80 mm or armor on middle plate and turret front are almost invincible against tir 4 (watch out for Matilda)
  • Since people aren't as familiar with the chassis, some will potato shot you for 2 minutes with no damage done


  • It's slow, not insanely slow, but still very slow
  • Most tier 5 tanks top out around 110 penetration or more, which cuts through this tank without difficulty
  • You really need to keep yourself in a spot where it's easy to fall back. You are slow in traverse on tracks and turret, do not get caught out in the open

What makes it special

  • Unique chassis and nice graphics (no spaced armor)
  • This tank doesn't fit any niche exactly, it is a unique experience
  • Great tank for working with your team, since you are able to both block shells and deal damage (they need you to protect them)

Who will really enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys the Matilda type slow heavy play will like this tank. I would argue that while it is a balanced tank, in certain situations/matchups it will decimate the reds.


This tank is different. It doesn't fit any mold exactly, and the playstyle is Matilda-like with some asterisks since it isn't like a clone. The Pz. II J is a rare since in WoT console, or at least I don't see them very often. This tank gives us availability to one of the most OP designs tier 3 ever got to see, except this time it is at tier 4 with a punchy cannon. I recommend this grind to anyone just since it's unique and quick to unlock. You have nothing to lose by adding this punchy little tank to your lineup

Total rewards from stages

  • 27000 silver, 3 days of premium
  • 2X XP Boost – 2, 3X XP Boost – 2, 2X Silver Boost – 0, 4X Crew XP Boost – 0, 6X Crew XP Boost – 0
  • 3 automatic fire extinguisher, 3 large repair kit, 3 large first aid kit
  • 1 manual fire extinguisher, 2 small repair kit, 2 small first aid kit

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