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New Balance: Comparing Tanks That Changed Tier

WorldofTanks4 - New Balance: Comparing Tanks That Changed Tier

With the New Balance update on the Test Server, the following tanks will change tier as follows:

  • BT-7: Uptiered from Tier III to IV
  • A-20: Uptiered from Tier IV to V
  • SU-76M: Uptiered from Tier III to IV
  • Cruiser I: Downtiered from Tier II to I
  • Cruiser II: Downtiered from Tier III to II
  • Valentine: Downtiered from Tier IV to III
  • Valentine AT: Uptiered from Tier III to IV
  • Covenanter: Uptiered from Tier IV to V
  • Crusader: Uptiered from Tier V to VI

I have prepared a spreadsheet which you can find
edit?usp=sharing - New Balance: Comparing Tanks That Changed Tier

here that displays the overall changes from the current versions of these tanks to their New Balance counterparts.

Overall, the results are rather alarming. The Russian light tanks that are being up-tiered will receive minimal buffs. Meanwhile the British light tanks that are being up-tiered are being barely buffed at all, moving up an entire tier. The A-20 actually gets slightly nerfed! I don't think anyone is arguing that the A-20, Covenanter, or Crusader are overpowered at their tier, meaning these tanks may very well wind up being the worst Tier V and VI light tanks in the game. The SU-76M and Valentine AT are receiving minor buffs, in my opinion insufficient to compensate for their up-tiering. The greatest benefactor from these changes is, by all means, the Valentine. It actually received some substantial buffs being moved down a tier, meaning I think it will be a rather strong Tier III tank.


The percent alpha and percent HP changes are an indicator of how little balancing went into these tech tree changes. On the New Balance version, all tanks have had their HP and DPM buffed by about 22% overall (according to analysis from other forum users). However, many of the tanks that are being moved up a tier are getting their DPM buffed by less than 22%.

I am personally of the opinion that many of the New Balance changes have been convoluted and unnecessary, and this further solidifies my opinion. What we basically have here is a bunch of Tier III and IV and in the Crusader's case, a Tier V tank being moved up a tier without any overall buffs whatsoever. These tanks will be an absolute nightmare to play in +2 matchmaking, especially with the premium ammo changes.

I cannot stress to Wargaming enough how much I strongly recommend against these changes. The British lights especially need to be buffed significantly for the changes being made to them. I don't really know why the Valentine seemed to receive genuine care and consideration in the changes made to it while the other tanks were practically ignored. There is a LOT of yellow on this document (the color I used to indicate no change in tank parameters). There should not be this much yellow in a document detailing changes to tanks being moved up a tier.

I should add that the Valentine loses its top gun (which won't be missed), and the Cruiser II looses the ability to use its derp entirely, which is a damn shame.

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