World of Tanks

New player with a boot camp issue

WorldofTanks3 - New player with a boot camp issue

As the title says I just picked up the game. And for the last three hours I'm trying to do the third boot camp mission. The one after we're introduced to capturing. The AI of my team is garbage while the enemy team has god knows what veterans. The way it's setup I understand I'm supposed to flank around and work with team. How it actually happens is, either my team rushes into the enemies to get destroyed or they just don't move and get stuck. So I'm left with slowly maneuvering around to take down enemies. Everything works great until I reach the enemy base. By this point I'm usually left with just one ally, rest are destroyed or chilling behind somewhere. I take down all the tanks except the last two. Second last one is the worst thing known to mankind. Some times I find green spots some times I don't. It's funny because my tactic has been that I point at that tank. Don't find anything, look away and then point again. Do it until the cursor becomes green and fire to only see the cannon hit wall behind them. While 90% of their shots hit me, reducing me to a rubble. Oh and that other AI who's usually with me for this fight? It becomes useless and that second last tank only focuses on me. If I somehow win this fight with the last enemy tank remaining and me with another ally, I start capturing and the final enemy tank pops out. This thing also only focuses on me. And because I can't leave the circle or else the capturing stops, I have to destroy the last enemy while it's moving, because if it stops, I'm dead.


I thought this bit was tutorial. Is it supposed to be this difficult? How am I screwing up this much?

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p.s. Sorry if I sound ranty, I've just wasted a huge part of my weekend on this.

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