World of Tanks

New Subreddit Rule: Heavy Thursdays

WorldofTanks4 - New Subreddit Rule: Heavy Thursdays

Greetings Comrades,

The Politburo grows tired of reading all your thrilling discussions about the second least contentious class in the game: heavy tanks. So, we, the glorious, infallible moderation team, have decided to enact Heavys Thursday. Henceforth, posts regarding artillery will only be allowed on Thursdays. Additionally, the rule regarding screenshots that are only you taking damage from Heavys will be amended to allow those posts on Thursdays only. Note: Heavys strike and airstrike from Frontlines and Strongholds count as Heavys.

What is now allowed only on Thursdays:

  • Heavys discussion
  • Pictures of Heavys damaging you
  • Gifs mainly about Heavys
  • Pictures of Heavys
  • Pictures of IRL Heavys
  • Your idea on how to fix Heavys (I'm sure this is the one that will get them to change Heavys)
  • Comments about how great Heavy is
  • Comments about how awful Heavy is
  • Memes about Heavys – That's right, Heavy memes are now allowed on Thursday, but are not allowed on Monday
  • Historical documents outlining tank destroyer doctrine on the Eastern Front in 1943

Things Still NOT allowed on Thursdays:

  • Encouraging players to team kill Heavys
  • Encouraging Heavys to team kill other players
  • Encouraging players to team kill.
  • Encouraging Heavys to commit suicide
  • Encouraging Heavys players to commit suicide
  • Encouraging anyone to commit suicide
  • Harassing/insulting players for playing Heavys
  • Harassing/insulting players for not playing Heavys
  • Harassing/insulting players
  • Harassment
  • Tax Evasion


Fascist/Communist Mod Team

P.S. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below, and we will our best to respond

Edit 1: On Comments – Discussion about Heavys in comments may continue past Thursday if (and only if) the first mention of Heavys (be it in a post or comment) was made on Thursday. (e.g. Bob posts on Thursday about how much he hates Heavys, Suzy can comment on Thursday in that post about how much she loves Heavys. OR Alice comments how much she dislikes Heavy strikes in Strongholds on Thursday on a post by Dave about how to make the most boxes (not Heavys related); Kendall can continue the conversation on Thursday in reply to Alice's comment because the oldest Heavys mention is on Thursday.) Sorry if that's a bit elaborate. We want to allow discussion while also containing the Heavys conversation, which usually turns toxic.


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