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New WOT premium makeover, A half-hearted rant

WorldofTanks8 - New WOT premium makeover, A half-hearted rant

Well, At the outset, I am gonna start stating the good thing that wargaming has done in this year to improve their game.

  1. Lancen – a well balanced, not "Saitama" level overpowered like the blyat machine or lt432. this tank is fun and makes good plays rewarding.
  2. blueprints – a really good tool for new/newish players in the game as it unlocks a hella lot of XP just for playing the game, as you would have anyways ( i mean even if it's just 10 % off it still free)
  3. addressing artillery, maybe not completely happy with the ideas proposed, but still a step is a step in the right direction.
  4. Frontline – well, needless to say, a way to earn credits in a *not get rekt by top tiers* manner
  5. MM changes- by far a very good QOL improvement for tier 8s and 7s. really needed, again a good change.

Now let us get into deep s**t

Wargaming have totally revamped the premium time in several integral ways and are now relabelling it as "WOT PREMIUM TIME"

Though some changes are really good, some are just downright not ok with me.

  1. Platoon credits and XP bonus – a really good change, as in even players who don't have prem account can get benefitted as long as the platoon leader has the premium account. will definitely help a lot of players.
  2. Manual Modifier to XP – an amazing change, if you ask me, will make your grind so much easier especially with boosters.

Now the things that I don't like making me go from WTF to maybe that's ok? …..


*Daily Battle missions* – giving bonds…. in other words, bonds indirectly bought via IRL money, making sure that those who have premium time can have possible and more likely access to improved equipment, directives, demounting equipment and what no … PAY TO WIN add on No.1.

*Weekly credit bank(Reserve Stock)* : well rather than simply adding , 10 % to the already earned credits, now its saved up as a reserve and which open every week ,~~IF YOU HAVE PREMIUM ACC<<<<< so does it mean u need to have a minimum of one week's premium so u can access all the credits you saved up? SMH~~.

EDIT : Corrected by u/TheSilentOneBGF that ur reserve opens regardless of whether u have premium time or not.

*Map Bans*… Really, though this idea is long sought and welcomed with open arms, why should players with no premium account not have access to 2 bans ???? at least this is somewhat digestible considering u can call it a Quality of Life improvement if you have the premium account.

So all in all, I have mixed feeling about all this. hope it turns out well. hope this doesn't turn out into one of the class WG PAY TO WIN franchise move.

P.s: I have been playing this game for more than 7 years, initially in EU and then SEA server (due to ping issues). I have spent a fair lot of money into the game. though I welcome the changes, I feel they are too little too late, esp for the old players who have researched most of what they wanted to research. At least I hope this is a good breather for the new 🙂

Have a good day

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