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Notes from a ranked battles newbie

WorldofTanks4 - Notes from a ranked battles newbie

I have never really paid attention to ranked battles before. I tried one or two games here and there but was really turned off each time to not bother playing more. Bobbing for apples on small maps at Tier X was so boring I didnt even bother when Tier VI rolled around. This time I decided to see how far I could get.

At first I started with the Draugen. Even though I really only had a one skill crew, it was ridiculously easy to make silver, 50-80K in a game that you are in and out of in a few minutes without having to face matchmaking’s whimsy was more profitable on a time basis than running those tanks in regular battles,

I was surprised to find that lemming trains were considered good strategy, and people were getting downright salty if I was flanking, even though I was doing well. I noticed two or three Stockades in each team often, so decided to equip mine and give it a try. I wasn’t sure if they were so common because a bunch of people had just earned them, or if they were truly effective. Making silver and advancing was easy too.

One thing I noticed was that chat seemed to be much more civilized then in regular matches, no toxicity and even a lot of “good lucks” and “GGs” being shared. This changed when I hit Masters, where all of a sudden people were sending me trash messages even if they were bottom of the team doing zero damage and I was top of our leader board. Unfortunately, this was the only rank at which I had trouble advancing easily, it seemed like we were losing a lot and I wasn’t gaining points the way I had earlier., so the toxicity was prolonged.One time a guy on my team told me “I had better hope I don’t face him because he would tear me a new one”, Yup, I out damaged him and out ranked him on our board, so I don’t know what he was on about, I just laughed at and told him, “I hope not”. I saw him on the reds a few times after that but wasn’t able to kill him. I had the message I was going to send him all but written each time.

The worst part was the toxicity was getting to me too, I was getting really upset by the play of my teammates at this level. Sometime around hitting Masters I also switched to the Paladin in an effort to get more DPM. I tried the Patriot and couldn’t make it work for me.


Example 1: on Ensk all the reds were clearly at around E2. Two greens went all the way down the 7/8 lines even though there was nobody there. We were losing the left side, when they got to the cap. Then instead of capping to relieve the pressure, they drove right through and then proceeded to head up the 1/2 line. By the time they met reds the rest of us were all dead, and they were soon afterwards. They pretty much circumnavigated the map.

Example 2: on Live Oaks, a Skorpion G headed towards city and, no joke, stopped in the very corner at A1 and stayed there until we all died on the tracks. Then he moved out. I had the misfortune of having this guy on my team for the next three games and each time he did nothing. The next day, I noticed him on my team and told my kid to watch how useless he was. He did his usual routine of hiding all game, but wouldn’t you know it, with my kid watching at the end he somehow got three kills and we won.

Then like magic the toxicity went away when I hit Senior Masters. All of a sudden everyone was friendly, wishing each other good luck, etc. And we were cheering for others who were one win away from advancing on. Advancing through Senior and Chief was easy, winning maybe 70% of my games helped a lot. Not sure if this had anything to with me switching to the AMX M4 mle 49. At the higher levels I noticed the Stockade parade seemed to have lessened. Never saw nearly as many Draugens as I expected. Did see lots of Freedoms at the penultimate tier.

I quit immediately after hitting Grand Master, which probably took 8 to 10 hours ?. I’m sure I will get crap out of the chests I earned.

In summary, I know a lot of people here seem to piss on Ranked, but it was a relief to be able to earn silver pretty damn quickly and not have to see the endless stream of Tier Xes when trying to grind silver in a Tier 8. The speed with which you could get in and out of games, and the speed which games finished on small maps were great too. I didn’t miss driving for minutes across a big map , spend more minutes bobbing for apples and struggling with crappy teammates. Yes, there were plenty of crappy teammates in Ranked, but I only had to deal with them for a fraction of the time before moving on. I also got to play some tanks in my garage which I normally never played.

I might do Ranked again if the games moved as quickly as these did.

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