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WorldofTanks6 - OP Tanks in 0.7.0

Pubbies today are always going on about OP tanks, but kids these days don't even know what an OP tank really is. Back in 2011, though…oh man. Here's some ridiculous tanks you can now experience for yourself:

Seal-Clubbing Shenanigans:

  • T-82"Derps are so OP!" Well, they definitely are when you take what's basically the Sherman's 105mm Howitzer and superglue it to a TD that's basically a speedy, sneaky little Jeep on tracks…at tier III. Capable of one-shotting many of the opponents it faces, the T-82 is a master seal-clubber when it gets into low-tier games, and even against higher tiers it can at least do some damage and try to flee before dying horribly. There are some downsides, though; the tank is literally made of paper, so every hit will penetrate, and when I say "Howitzer", what I really mean is that Gunner Winston "Howitzer" Jones, the squad's championship softball pitcher, is actually lobbing those shells at your enemies by hand. (On the plus side, the ridiculously low shell velocity gives you an almost artillery-like arc that can surprise enemies hiding outside of your line of sight on the other side of a low obstacle if you aim at them in third person mode…)

  • T-18"Derps are blah blah…" The T-82's smaller but definitely not less capable brother. It trades mobility for a thick shell of armor that's nigh impenetrable from the front by low-tier opponents, and carries a smaller but still quite effective 75mm derp gun. It is an absolute beast at its tier.

  • PzKpfw 38H735 (f)"Man, fuck those invincible Defenders/Type 5s/268v4s…" Yeah, those tanks have nothing on the ultimate seal-clubber, the Hotchkiss. A tier II beast usually referred to as the "mini-Maus" because it has about the same mobility and the same (at the time) virtually impenetrable armor. Thanks to the old game's matchmaking system, the Hotchkiss regularly ends up in Tier I/II matches, where it is more or less invincible. Most tanks of those tiers can't hope to penetrate it's 40mm of armor without firing premium rounds (which of course no one did, back in the day). Its downsides are its terrible mobility (about the only way a Hotchkiss could lose a Tier II game was playing too aggressively and getting capped out before it could crawl back to its own flag) and a gun that's just mediocre (it can still shred low-tier opponents, but best bring some gold rounds yourself to deal with fellow clubbers' Hotchkisses…).

Mid-Tier Mayhem:

  • KV"Ugh I hate derp KV-2s, so unfair…" Good news for you, then: the KV-2 doesn't exist in 0.7.0! Bad news: That's because it's the Tier 5 KV that boasts its giant barn turret and its giant 152mm Howitzer as optional upgrades. If you thought a Tier 6 KV-2 was bad, wait till you run into a comedy platoon of Tier 5 derp KVs. As if that weren't enough of a headache, the KV is also capable of fitting the 107mm ZiS-6, a really nasty Tier 7 AP gun with massive DPM and penetration for a Tier 5 tank.

  • T-50-2"I hate these wheeled freaks zooming around that I can't even hit!" Before there were wheeled vehicles with crazy burst speed, there was the OG T-50-2. With no physics engine to ruin your day from taking a turn too sharply or driving over a small dip too fast, this thing could orbit heavy tanks at near full speed, plinking away at them without any danger of being hit in return. It could also use it's 70+km/h speed to zip straight through enemy lines to spot and murder the enemy artillery. Of course, the downside was that, in the days where the light lines ended at Tier 5, it often ended up in Tier 10 games as a "scout", where it had a hard time doing much damage (or much of anything else, given its poor view range).

  • M4 Sherman"No-skill nubs mashing the two key…" The derp Sherman was a pretty effective Tier 5 medium on its own, with that 105mm Howitzer dishing out some nice HE damage and its mobility keeping it out of harm's way. However, load some HEAT rounds into the thing (this was long before the HEAT nerf) and now you've got a round with 150mm of penetration that does 350 average damage, an effective weapon against even higher tier heavies and utterly devastating against anything of the same tier.

  • M4A3E2"No-skill nubs etc…." The M4's big brother lacks mobility, but makes up for it with 100mm of nicely angled frontal hull armor and a ridiculously impenetrable turret. If it can find a spot to go hull-down and exploit its ridiculous gun depression, it can bounce shots from same-tier and even higher-tier enemies all day long. It also fits the same 105mm Howitzer with the same lovely HEAT shells; not quite as overpowered at tier 6, but still a powerful tank nonetheless.

  • VK 3601 (H)"Type 4/5 premium rounds are sooooo unfair, it's just more damage for more money, P2W bullshit!" Ha. Hahaha. Ahahahahahaha. Oh, my sweet summer child, what do you know of P2W? Let me tell you a story, a story of an ordinary average Tier 6 medium with a deep, dark secret. The 0.7.0 VK 3601 (H) is a chubby ol' medium tank that doesn't look like anything special at first glance. It's not all that fast, but it has decent armor and is pretty capable, and it can fit a nice enough short 88mm gun. But then there's this weird alternative gun option…the 7,5cm KwK 41 L/58 konisch. It boasts ridiculous accuracy (the most accurate gun in the game aside from the Panther's L/100) and a crazy fast rate of fire (13.33 rounds per minute) and quite good penetration of 167mm, but an abysmal average damage of 65 that gives it less DPM that most tier I tanks. But wait, what's this now? If you open your wallet and feed this thing some gold (lots and lots of gold), you get an APCR shell that does 165 average damage (no, that's not a typo) and has 225mm of penetration, transforming the Konisch from a useless gimmick to a terrifying buzzsaw of death and destruction that can unerringly shred higher-tier enemies in seconds from halfway across the map. It's basically a Tier 6 medium with the gun of a Tier 9 heavy. There's a reason why this tank still holds my record high base XP even today, and my highest win rate other than the Hotchkiss (and it's not just because I suck at tanks…).

Arty Antics:

  • SU-26"The leFH is such cancer, so accurate and fast firing, fuck this bullshit!" Thus spake some newbie who has never lived through the glory days of the one and only SU-26. The only arty in the game with a fully traversable turret, the SU-26 (before it got smashed into an unrecognizable pulp by a whole mob of devs with nerf bats) actually was what all those salty non-arty players assume every SPG is; an unerringly accurate orbital laser beam of death. The leFH has nothing on the accuracy of an SU-26 in its prime; you could not only hit stationary tanks with near 100% accuracy, you could decide whether you wanted to drop your shell through the engine deck or the commander's hatch of the heavy you were aiming at. And with an aim time of just four seconds and a turret traverse that barely caused any bloom, you could be aimed in anywhere on the map in very short order. Being a Tier 3 arty, of course, your damage was fairly weak and splash nearly nonexistent, but the better HE shells on the 122mm Howitzer still did a respectable 270 average damage, and with a firing rate of about eight shells a minute, it could dish out some impressive DPM. And if you were facing some really high-tier heavies, you could always spend some gold to load some HEAT shells that boasted 160mm of penetration, easily enough to overmatch the top armor on most tanks and penetrate for full damage every time.

So go fire up the Classic client and give these OP beasts a try, and bathe in those sweet sweet all-chat pubbie tears!

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