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Out with the old and busted (2018)! In with the new hotness (2019)!

WorldofTanks10 - Out with the old and busted (2018)! In with the new hotness (2019)!

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Hello ladies and gents!

Welcome to 2019! What a year 2018 was, for World of Tanks. Our Community saw its share of the fun. Be it hatred on WG for public relations disasters, or tons of love because of an awesome reward for longtime players, 2018 had it all.

Now, it is time to go back and dredge up some of those memories. Some will be good, some will be bad. Some will make you laugh, some will make you hot under the collar remembering them. Still, no matter what your reactions, they are part of what makes us, us. It is our collective anger, our collective enjoyment, and in some cases, our very eclectic memery.

So, what categories am I going to be bringing forth for you all? I will be bringing you the Top 3 most upvoted in each of the following categories.

  1. Memery. When a well thought out post can't get it done, but a simple 30 seconds of MSPaint can.
  2. Positive Posts – It isn't all bad. Some of us still like things, and are totally not corporate shills paid in better RNG to post good things about this game. Anyone who disagrees is a Russian bot. But seriously, these are the posts that brought laughs or other good vibes to our Community.
  3. Negative Posts – No matter the game or Community, there will be anger, there will be hurt, there will be hatred. Time to dip our toes into the lava. These are the posts where not only did we have our circle-jerk of hatred, but we doubled down on said jerk.




The Expert – Something all too familiar for most of us.

Bad Parenting – Troll dad approved

Beautiful Bird Songs – We all love the sounds of wildlife

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Noooooooooo! – Best way to nerf a Conqueror

Cartoons told the Truth! – Wiley Coyote knows this one all too well.


Dad Jokes Only – The truth behind WG's matchmaking algorithms.



THE BEST (?of the worst?)

Not IKEA approved – If you drive Swedish TD's, you know this one all too well.

SerB's reaction to IS-3A buffs – What you don't know, is he is now so rich, he can pay people to do this gesture for him.

Tech Support is Deadly – Russian mafia has to be running the tech support with answers like this.



These are some random posts from the past year that were extremely well loved/upvoted by our Community, and I just wanted to give each of them one more chance to shine, as we set off on our journey through 2019.

Pie Charts – This explains everything.

Makes sense to me – A horse is a horse, of course.

I can't see what is out of place – Someone really likes pictures of ducks.

Trade deals with Russia – Very bad deals.

Hull Down in the Real World – Some say they are still camping to this day.

Specialized knowledge – The more you learn about one thing, the less room you have in your brain for other things.

This Sub in a Nutshell – Seriously, this Sub in a nutshell.

Even its mother hates it – So, so ugly

The pain is real – A 21 DERP salute to a fallen comrade

WoT realism – Devs did say they were working on making physics better

Memories – It could always be worse

More Rememberies – Yeah, it was way worse

PR – They are working on it, ok? Seriously, stop laughing. Really guys, stop laughing!

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Murazor – It'shappening.gif

Mineminemineminemine – seagulls are majestic

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