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WorldofTanks10 - Panhard EBR Rental Code from Guido1212

Hello all,

This is Guido1212, a CC from the NA server, like the other CCs I have a number (15) of rental codes for the EBR. I'm giving a few away on my YT channel here (Guido1212), I've also given a few away in game and on the official forums. My channel is aimed at helping the new to intermediate players, I do a lot of relay analysis and reviews etc.

I'd like to show the Reddit community some appreciation and give one out here. Only rule is WG asks that you turn off Assault and Encounter when playing it. It's great they are trying to get data on the live server vice making balancing decisions on the test server!


What I'd like to do is ask you to respond with the one thing you wished you'd learned earlier in WoT, something that would have made your life easier. Can be simple things, or more esoteric things, or funny etc. I've done things like this before and it's a great learning opportunity plus I've made some videos talking about all the results and suggestions.

Include your WoT handle, but if you don't want to I'll message you directly. I'll pick one winner by 21 Dec so they can enjoy the holiday weekend with their EBR rental. I'm also giving one to a random new YT subscriber and if you frequent the official forums there's a contest there as well. Plus a few sprinkled in and around my videos for the next couple days.



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