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Peek at upcoming Reddit events for May 2019

WorldofTanks7 - Peek at upcoming Reddit events for May 2019

Hello ladies and gents!

Now that I am no longer drugged out on heavy painkillers from back surgery (to repair a broken back), I have started work on giving you all something fun for this upcoming month (and even more into the future). One of the things I am working on WILL happen this month, another, I am still working out the logistics of it, though both NA and EU offices (so far) love the idea. Finally, a third thing I am working on will probably be unveiled much later this month – a chance for you all to design your own contest!

So Private_Public, what WILL happen? On the 25th of this May, we will be having the next Community Night for the NA portion of our Community! I have already put in requests with the NA offices not only for a handful of cool goodies for us to give away to winners of various competitive events, but also a request for another batch of Special Event Accounts! The Event Accounts were extremely well received last time, and now that we have had our growing pains with them and have only had access to them once – especially in the need to adjust races a bit, for the Wheely Bois – it is already kind of hard to imagine Community Night without them!

I also have started putting out feelers within our Reddit Family for some folks to step up and provide some extra goodies for the night! So far, one person has already stepped forward with some steam codes from some cool games, and I'm sure more will step forward to donate and help make the evening even more special!

So what is this second thing that I am working on? I have left a clue already in our DISCORD server in the #Community_Announcements channel. I am working on a combination contest/scavenger hunt. The prizing details are not set yet. I have yet to present either NA or EU a 100% outline of the idea; what I have given to them is about 80% complete. As I said up at the beginning of this post, both offices so far have indicated that they really like this idea. Anyway, once I have it all put together, I will do the final proposal to both NA and EU and see if they will sponsor a prize in the form of a premium tank – or maybe more than one if I can sweet-talk them in to it.

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The idea of this contest/scavenger hunt is that I will post 3 riddles over the span of 3 weeks. Each riddle will have 2 correct answers. You will only be able to use 1 answer per week (entered in as a code at your local WG portal). The codes will individually give you something small – maybe a day of premium and a booster, for example. You will need to collect and enter 3 codes to be entered for a chance to win a premium tank(s). In order to qualify for the final prize – you have to enter the correct 3 codes. Entering all 3 correct codes doesn't mean you will earn the tank – you will just be entered into a random drawing for it. So, if you only get 2 out of 3 'correct', oh well. Insert evil laugh here

Also, what is this about designing a contest? Last year, a handful of people came to me with contest ideas and wanted them presented to WG NA for consideration for prizing. WG NA loved having the ideas, and 2 of them were chosen and we ran those contests! So, what I will do later on this month is put out a chance for you all to design your own contest. I'll take the best of them (probably 5 or 6) and present them to both the NA and EU servers and see what they think, and if they would be willing to sponsor some prizes for you all!

So, the TL-DR?

Recovered from a literal broken back (some say it was from carrying in a french wheely boi), getting back in the groove and trying to set you all up with some cool things to look forward to!

May you all have a wonderful month, and here is to some fun tanking, strange RNG, and more tales of woe as WG doesn't nerf the 430 and 430u fast enough.

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Also, HARUMPH HARUMPH <something negative about arty> HARUMPH HARUMPH

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