World of Tanks

Plummeting gameplay performance

WorldofTanks8 - Plummeting gameplay performance

I have had a really nice last month until these days, averaging 1700 WN8 and 52% WR, even up to 2000 WN8 in the last week, getting my overall WR up to 49,95. It was nice, i felt like I was improving. But all of the sudden the last 4 days have been really bad, my WN8 plummeted to 800, with really bad plays, and consecuently the WR has also come down, because i'm not even able to pull half of my own weight in any matchup (top or bottom tier).


I don't know the reason if i'm honest. I'm not going up tiers where there are progresibly better players, or playing any different tank that i'm not familiar with, in fact, i'm doing worst in tanks that I had mostly mastered, like the T21. I don't think i'm burnt, because I have even been playing a bit less and more relaxed without grinding.

Anyone else has this kind of weeks or days or weeks? How can u solve them?

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