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Pompous prick puffs about patch kits thinking his knows better.

WorldofTanks7 - Pompous prick puffs about patch kits thinking his knows better.

At the time of writing, we don’t have any hard details on the new version coming in. For context on the previous version that was attempt to have for a fun mode back in 2017 restored 20% hp over 30 seconds. This was not balanced at all. Among several issues it heavily effected lower tiers.

while it is more of a sacrifice to remove one of your consumables now a days, I suspect the hp recovery won't be more 10% for a one-time use. If its multiple, then it will be lower with a good cool down time.

While the reduced amount may be more balanced this time around, that's boring and I want to write something. My initial idea is based on the World of war ships repair party. The system works on recovering HP after damage is received based on the damage received. To simplify it for those who are not familiar with the system, you generally can recover 50% or 100% of hp based on the source. This damage Is banked up in a stockpile to be used to be used on the heal. As an example, Maus takes 4 shots from a T57. 1600 damage is taken and let's say 25% of premium ammo is recoverable. The Maus now has 400hp banked up to heal. There is a limit to how much a heal can do in one go. In this example, let's say you can only recover 10% of your HP in one use. So over 30 seconds the Maus recovers 10hp a second for 300 total. This leaves the Maus with 1700 HP with 100 HP banked up to use in… (Insert cool down time).

This can have several balance points. % of Damage that is recoverable. (Standard, premium, HE, Arty, Engine Fire) Amount of HP recovered in one go. Cool down time Number of uses Regen per second


Also, if this is different if the tank is of a different class. Do light tanks recover more HP quickly?

Personal opinion I'm in favor of only 2 uses, with a sizeable reload time. HP recovery % for standard ammo is lower compared to premium to make some attempt to incentives standard ammo. Thinking 15 or 20 for standard ammo. 25% for premium? For max regen in on a single use I'm thinking of 15%. Arty damage? 40? 50? Depends how angry people are… if this consumable even comes to WW2 mode.

For an example the IS-7 2400 HP. 360HP can be recovered in one use. To make full use of this it requires taking 1800 damage, 75% of the total HP. A more likely situation is after taking a premium ammo shot from the E4 for 850 damage he starts a heal for 212 HP and wait the 4 or so minute cool down and hopes they survives to use it again. This is a very basic system that could be even more complicated if we introduce classes but for now let's be simple.

I did also consider a small passive regen if they plan on a premium and standard version but I doubt it’s the best idea. Even the original idea is the best. Would you even trade Food for an extra 200-400 HP a game? For a worst-case scenario, Maus could recover 800 HP if he was clipped by a T57 heavy twice. That may be too strong indeed. With a 4 min cool down, that’s a long time, considering the average game last 5-6 mins.

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