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Powercreep and Churchills.

WorldofTanks9 - Powercreep and Churchills.

The Churchill I, the VII and the BP, but especially the Churchill VII, are bad tanks, but they weren't always this bad.

what happened? super heavy tanks, gold ammo wasn't nearly as common before superheavy tanks became a thing, so you could actually make the underwhelming armor work back then (the VII suffers most form this bc it was the "brawler" of the three), nowadays your best bet is keeping distance because people are less likely to shoot gold when they aren't sure if they'll even hit.

Now i was one of the poor souls to be grinding the VII when the O-I got released, a tank that was basically inpenetrable to the VII's peashooter of a gun, had the same armor on it's frontal "weak spots" as the VII had on it's whole turret/hull front, filled the same role of bullet magnet but did a much better job at it and to top it off got a 150mm HE derp gun that made Churchill sidescraping useless (as well as a normal proper t6 HT gun, much unlike the VII which has a MT gun) needless to say this was a terrible experience, and the only way my sanity prevailed was by just getting an O-I instead of grinding that piece of shit anymore, fin.

Now on to my critique of the actual tanks:

Churchill I:

This tank's turret armor is garbage, as is it's gun depression; despite that this tank is surprisingly playable as a second line support tank; it's penetration is good for t5, and so is it's accuracy, and since the hull isn't your weakest part (that would be your turret) you don't have to worry about going hull down, so the terrible gun depression is not that much of a problem. it also has a 25mk/h top speed, which doesn't sound like much (because it isn't) but it's still a whole lot faster than the 20km/h it's successors get and allows you to get into position a bit faster. all-in-all a pretty bad tank, but it has a few strengths that allow it to effectively fill a support role. (my experience with the Churchill I does come from a time when it still had a good view range though, so it might be worse now)

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Churchill VII:

This tank's everything is garbage: where other heavy tanks get to trade their ±125pen guns for ±170pen guns the VII gets to trade it's 145pen for 148pen, bringing from highest in tier to lowest in tier in an instant (among heavies), on top of that it's slower than the Churchill I and retains the terrible gun depression; turret armor goes up to almost double, but with the massive jump in pen between t5 and t6 your enemies will go through your turret just as easily, the main difference you will notice is at least this turret is good against lower tier tanks, but to balance this out your front hull is now useless against your own tier so now the 4deg of gun depression really does become a hinderance. tbh it does get good DPM, but it can't use it effectively bc it's so slow it usually can't position itself to deal that DPM without taking return fire; all-in-all a horrible experience and just a terrible tank that's, also completely overshadowed by the O-I in any role it could ever try to fill.

Black Prince:

This thing is a massive improvement over the dogshit that comes before. It's turret armor is not good, but it's not too bad either, same goes for it's penetration; but it's accuracy is good, so is it's gun depression (it's twice the gun depression of both the Churchill I and VII). he hull armor is bad a this point, but hull down is now an option so it's not as bad. This thing can sort of use hills/hull down and play like a slow Centurion, and when top tier it can be somewhat of an effective brawler too. still held back by being slow as hell. all-in-all this tank is probably the best of the three, it's much more user friendly, has a turret that can bounce things some times, don't usually bother playing this like the superheavy it is, it's most effective role is hull-down sniping and it dies have a pretty decent gun for it.

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