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Premium ammo is a Symptom. Not the problem.

WorldofTanks3 - Premium ammo is a Symptom. Not the problem.

The problem is the lack of weakspots.

Ok, to be more honest, the lack of weakspots is also not the problem, the problem is that WG needs to monetize against the great investment they have in this game, and credit bleeding through the use of premium ammo facilitates that way better than “just” the overall higher running cost high-tiers had built in from the get-go of this game.

To word it as simply as I can, the game always had to be unsustainable as F2P for "enough" players in order for WG to monetize it: Grinds needed to be "boring" , games needed to be hard enough, marathons needed to be … marathon-ian enough for people to seek shortcuts, and shortcuts were accessible by spending real monies ($ for short) to get Premium stuff: Premium time, premium tanks, boosters, tokens for marathons etc.

F2P is to lure you in, and only a very small % of players – if any – can sustain F2P gameplay. And those that are in this league often make it into top clans and get gold and access to perks that greatly segregates “their F2P” with what is attainable by the vast majority of players. Those that achieve unicum levels w/o premium rounds (but with Premium time) we often end up knowing by name – only because it is so rare… (shoutout to taugrim).

As the game evolved, so did their monetization strategies shift. It is true that more gold rounds are used now than ever. But it is not because of "try hards" that P2W alone. Far from it. Over the last few years, not just Armor profiles but ALSO HP pools AND standard round penetration values have been rebalanced to account for the existence of premium rounds with the same damage output as “standard” rounds. In some cases, certain tanks have been designed with armor profiles that MANDATES Premium ammo usage, because simply knowing and aiming for weakspots doesn't cut it with standard rounds, especially with RNG often screwing you over and giving you an up-to 25% less effective pen. So Premium ammo spamming is not a “shortcut” for too many battles having no premium ammo in your arsenal pretty much means you are forfeiting the battle in case of you alone or just a handful of tanks left facing one or more heavily armored HT/TD etc.

WG doesn’t intent to lower the HP or the armor of super-heavies and assault TDs, because they claim that those are designed to be impenetrable under such conditions and conveniently cite that WinRates don’t indicate that supers are broken – sure, perhaps because now they get to operate in an environment where shooting “gold” at them is the default mode, perhaps because unless distracted and flanked “there is no other mode” to counter them.

Unless of course you are shooting high caliber HE or HESH, another choice mostly available to certain HTs and TDs that load premium rounds almost exclusively.

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Source: Trobsmonkey, FAQ with Devs

WG doesn't deal with the Premium ammo spam to fix it from a credit-sink stand point, because they have no direct incentive to do so, or at least they have calculated that it would hurt them more to cheapen or gradually phase out premium shells by making changes that lowering their significance to a tactical choice instead of a virtual necessity vs. losing the associated revenue from the % of players that claims that the sole reason for them quitting is premium ammo spamming.

The "issue" was engineered by them to work this way. For the most part WE HAVE TO use Special ammo to be competitive.

If suddenly you lower the special ammo damage, what are you doing? You are just indirectly buffing the tanks that mandate gold spamming to begin with…Tanks that were already virtually impenetrable without >250-300mm pen rounds now get a HP % increase equal to the % "nerf" of the premium rounds: if I you cannot go through with “standard” now, will you go through after the “Special” round nerf? You won’t.

You will just get a flat DPM/Alpha nerf to all of your tanks, and to effectively take down the armor behemoths you will need to carry and fire MORE gold rounds, and so will anyone who is not using a HE/HESH or high-tier TD gun to begin with.

Perfect timing for the E-100 buffs they they’ve promised. /sarcasm

…We will not affect the penetration and the chance of causing damage. We only influence on its volume…

Yeah…ironically forcing it to go UP, which "incidentally" happens to favor NOONE but super-HT and heavy TDs – and of course your monetization scheme.

nzifs3rcbjn21 - Premium ammo is a Symptom. Not the problem.

We will keep seeing more Super-HTs, more TDs and more SPGs, LTs will get even worse at dealing direct damage, especially at range and so will the more delicate of the MTs, as the game will favor armored brutes like the 430U even more.

TL/DR; Outside of partial aimed "fixes" that might indeed happen as intended by those asking for premium ammo rebalancing (183mm HESH, Type 4/5 prem HE not being stronger than standard), I am extremely sceptical about WG's intentions. The implementation doesn't seem to be in-context with the player's QOL or game experience improvements. They just further their monetization scheme even more aggressively, giving your "less" per credit spend on Special rounds, while maintaining or even increasing the need for fielding more and more special rounds.

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