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“Project Poverty” – a Free-to-play experiment – Part 7: M44, MT-25 & Recap

WorldofTanks1 - "Project Poverty" - a Free-to-play experiment - Part 7: M44, MT-25 & Recap

Trying a slightly more compact format for ease of reading.

Part 0+1 (Intro) here & Part 6 (Previous part) here to get in touch if you are new to the series-

Account stats here

Sorry for the hiatus in posting – I was very busy IRl during the last week. I played a lof of games but wasn't able to sit down and compose a full post about it (This usually takes more than an hour or so depending on length, this one took more than 2 hours actually)

This episode will feature an additional part in the end where I will go over what I have used, what I have learned and my opinion on the progress and the game so far.

What's new?

– Activated a WG code for some reserves (thanks QB stream)

– Played some Dark Front mode. It is very boring after the first day, and the bonuses get less and less worth each day because the amound of games needed for each level gets bigger each day. I stopped playing when I reached level 4 or 5. I have 25% bonus now, it's enough IMO.

– Researched M44 and completed SPG-15 with it.

– Completed TD-15 on the last day of renting the Skorpion G. I'd say I am thoroughly satisfied of the use I got from this code as I'm sitting on 5 million credits right now and I have all but one TD missions completed with honors!

– Activated the tier 6 tank token for the MT-25 (I got the tank for free as well, I got the info wrong previously, sorry. Also, important note: it came with a garage slot!!). The 3 female crewmembers I had from MT, SPG and TD -15 I used on this tank, completed LT-15, then completed HT-15 with 4 orders, so I got a full female crew in the MT-25 now! (more on that on the separate part of the tank!) Also I got 15000 FreeXp from the weekly mission which is very useful . I Miiiight complete it again this week because I'm starved for freeXP.

– Obtained Stug IV (No games yet) and started working on T28 missions

On to the new tanks!


I was originally aiming to complete SPG-15 as a mini challenge with M41. I came really close a lot of games but eventually I got enough XP to research M44 before I could complete SPG-15. As a relief I got it very early (5 or 6th game with stock M44)

As standard I retrained the M41 crew and dropped their skills . Since I trained the commander and gunner with gold (to have maximum gun efficiency, its important to me in arty since they have long aimtime and huge bloom)

Commander has enough XP for having 100% after retraining + dropping..

Driver has not (I did it anyways )

As usual, I freeXP'd the tracks and dismounted the equipment from the M41 and mounted them on M44.

Initial setup


This tank has 2 of each one of those: tracks, engine, gun and radio. I got the tracks freeXP'd in order to mount equipment, and the rest had to be researched. I started with the radio. Normally I would start with the gun as it is more important, but I took a look at the stats and the top gun is very similar. It turned out to be a capable one, so I had no problems during the stock grind (Especially that during the engine grind I got 15000 Xp from the mission I forgot to check!). It is not done yet, but the gameplay won't change much and all I'm gonna do from now on is to have it as a side vehicle for credit farm when the Pz. IV is in battle.

Current state of crew and vehicle stats

The tank

This vehicle is amazing. Compared to the M41 it has a similar gun but is better in every way: faster engine, faster reload, WAY better aim time, WAY better bloom (This is the most important thing: It takes less than 9 seconds to change my target now, so they dont get unspotted during the time I adjust my aim!), has wider gun arc (Meaning I dont have to turn the tracks when aiming to a different part of the map, so the aiming circle doesnt get very big and the camonet remains active as well) and last but not least the splash is a respectable 6m now so I can hit targets behind corners and even if I miss (a moving target, or lag) I can still have a chance of doing damage. I imagine this is the point arty becomes cancer (At least from the community point of wiew – I dislike it but accept it)

It is very easy to play, the biggest upside is that now I can hit targets anywhere on the map without fear of them getting unspotted. I still plan on researching the Conqueror GC as my main arty instead, because it has bigger splash than the T92 and has a better gun arc (Can hit targets behind hills better than the T92) so I have no intention of buying the M12 ever. I'm open to changing my mind though.


After completing the third batch of missions I had 3 female crewmembers laying around. Originally I wanted them to go on a separate tank each to maximize the value of them having a skill so I can have 6th sense commanders on every future tank, but as it turns out, I got arty covered since it doesnt need 6th sense, I got TD covered since the Skorpion crew (really a Hetzer crew) is 99% on their first skill so they are going to get 6th sense really soon, I got LT covered because I have a full female MT-25 crew (Whoops, going a bit forward wih my logic there) so I only need to worry about HT and MT crews. For MT I plan to play the T-34 line later , and I think I can get away playing that tank without 6th sense as I did it before (3marked it actually!) . Since I have a Russian medium crew pretty decently (72%) into their first skill in the T-34-85M which has its rental period expired(able to be retrained which is my point), this leaves only a heavy line to be worried about. I imagine I could freexp the T-28 and use the MT crew I have on it, then have a fresh crew 75% for the KV-1. It leads to 3 different tanks anyways, so I'm gonna be playing it a lot . Perhaps I can get away not using 6th sense there either as it's pretty clear what I have to do every battle.

So I used the 3 female crewmembers on the MT-25 (Commander for 6th sense, Radio operator for wiewrange and Driver for speed- Gunner and loader is not as important for spotting missions anyways, and I was gonna get a full crew after LT-15 )
Now about the actual tank!

It's hot garbage to be completely honest. I can understand if you want to freeXP it. I got the tank completely stock from the token (At least i saved 600k credit on buying it)

Initial setup


Already knew this is going to be bad so I activated XP reserves during the entire grind. FreeXp'd the tracks as usual, then started playing the tank and putting XP towards the engine (this alone took a very long time to get – 11k XP is a lot when driving a stock tank ). After then researching the radio I got LT-15 done with themiddle gun
spamming APCR (No way I was going to do enough damage with AP – this mission needs a tier 8 game to have enough spotting damage and tier 8 tanks are laughing at my AP pen). It was a Karelia assault defense game. After the inital spots I accompanied the final push of the team and tried to snipe some damage in as I only had about 2500 spotting damage. Of course I swapped to AP when killing the arty (And I forgot to take a screenshot of the game, sorry!) I was desperate so I used food instead of fire extinguisher for the last few games. Swapped back after the mission completino of course. I ended up not losing credits on the whole ordeal but not gaining much either.

The tank

Never have I ever felt so useless in a tank. Most of the time the team had more light tanks, usually T37, AMX 12t, and on tier 7 1375, on tier 8 a lot more. They all felt like they just have the edge over me – spotting range, speed or camo. I had to compete with my own team for XP, which meant occupying the less usual spotting positions and going for riskier plays. (that got me killed many times but hey, you win some you lose some). During the grind I also had to use some gold to dismount-remount equipment as some maps just wasnt made for passive scouting so I bought an Optics and experimented with going active spotting.

All of the guns are very bad. After playing the type 64 on my main account, this tank felt like it's tier 5. the "top" gun has 13.3 Rate of fire (1533 DPM.. pathetic) compared to the typ64's 18.2 of the similar gun. Even the T37 has 16.2 RoF. So, I'm going to be using the middle gun, the 57mm because at least it has decent DPM (around 2000) so I can feel like an uptiered T-34. I also plan to use some more APCR on it on maps where I can not spot at all (For example bottom tier Himmelsdorf)

Current loadout and crew. Swapped to active scouting since I have brothers in arms and Recon as well as Situational Awareness.

I didnt finish the grind but the tank is elited so nothing will change from now on. (except possibly equipping binos for T28 missions that require it)

Stug IV

Current setup

I'm using the same 3 crewmembers as I had in the Skorpion G, and since it has a loader instead of a radio operator I have kept the 100% trained guy the tank came with. As you can see it only has 2 equipment mounted because I did not decide on the last one.

It has very bad wiewrange(310) so any binos or optics are wasted. The gun has good aimtime so GLD is useless here. I'm thiking either camonet for sniping or either spall liner or toolbox.

The gun seems very bad on paper, it has only slightly better stats than the Hetzer's 76 mm gun and it is way worse than the Marder 38t's top gun. I never played this tank so I'm gonna treat it as a Marder 38 in a tier 5 game (Wiki states it has pref MM but I remember meeting these in tier 7 games IIRC).

I don't think I'm gonna play this tank much outside of daily doubles.

2-week recap

The initial boost of the 100g and 7 prem days from the invite code sure made a big enough impact: I still have some gold left over after all the retrainign and demounting.


I researched:

– Pz. IV , from tier 2 up although I got the tier 3 from the tutorial

– M44, from tier 3 up

– MT-25 with the token that the initial missions gave

– Hetzer from the .38 nA

– and no HT yet.

After completing some missions I had a lot of credits and after I activated a free rental code from the Skorpion G I was swimming in credits! I sold every large consumable except fire extinguisher (I dont use manual because my reaction time is bad) from missions as well as selling every unused module and shells. From my 5 million credits I approximate only about 2.5 mil for the Skorpion G though, the rest are done with missions and selling mission rewards. Although you could argue I would be nowhere close to completing TD-15 without the Skorpion)

What did I use? aka Tips for beginners

– Use an invite code, preferaly one with the highest premium time so you can farm some initial credits.

– Understand camouflage, spotting range and bush mechanics. especially the 15m rule got me so much damage in tier 3-5 games (15m rule: if you are 15m behind a bush, this is indicated by the fact that you can't see through it, you will not get spotted if you are firing. So the proper method is: get in the bush, spot enemies, then reverse back to the point where you can't see through, and you have 9 seconds to fire at enemies without fear. After 9 seconds if nobody else spotted them they go unspotted, you can blindfire or just go forward 1-2 meters so you can spot them again, and repeat.)

– You can fire enemies from more than 445m , you will never get spotted by them. This range decreases with your camo value after firing. Get a feel about what this value is for each tank in-game and you can fire from less than 445m in a lof of cases (for example this value is more like 300m in an E-25)

– Usually it is a good idea to freeXP the tracks if you have enough credits to mount equipment to enhance your stock grind.

-If you can, aim for the tracks of the enemy tank since it will get you some assistance damage, or the very least, your next shot will be better aimed since the enemy tank will not be moving.

– When moving your hull during aim or before aiming at a new target it is advisable to press right click to fix your gun, your aiming circle will be smaller when you will start actually aiming. (I'm probably not explainign this properly, but just watch unicum streams and watch when they are fixing their gun before aiming and you will get the point)

– As arty, move slightly forward or backwards after every shot, you never know when the enemy arty is watching your surroundings for a tracer. Arty shells are visible from overhead wiew so enemy arty can watch when you fire, and plant a shell where he sees the shell starting from . (it's called counterbattery or counter-arty, there are missions that encourage this). Also if you have nothing to fire at you can do this with the enemy arty, maybe he is not that smart. Or if you are doing this for an extended period of time and he's still not dead, then assume he is also dodging counterbattery and try to predict where he's moving .

– HE shells, especially arty, are very good for cap resets. Carry a few HE in every tank you can , just for the possiblity that you have to fire at the last possible second and you wont have time to aim at weakspots. Nothing worse than a bounce when you have no chance to fire again before the enemy wins with capping.

– Watch the minimap, have it on the biggest possible size so you can predict which flank will advance or collapse, whether you can go for a flanking maneuver, or at the start of the game, watch where your teammates are going so you can spot for them properly if you are a light or switch flanks if there is no one goign where you planned to go. Sometimes teams just go all in one side so going to your usual spot is suicide.

– Watch out for yoloscouts: Some scouts just go to the middle of the map for spots then die because the enemy also spotted them. Instead go for a safer spot early then move to a more forward position later. Basically move where you are safe even if the enemy rushes you. For example Lakeville middle road is notorious for this: there is a bush in the middle where you can spot but if the enemy has the same idea you will die because you will get spotted. MAke sure the enemy has the scout elseewhere, or dead, first.

– this is all I can remember for now 😀

What did I learn?

– Sometimes your teammates will wrestle with you for a spot. For example a TD might want a bush for himself so he will try to ram you out of it or shoot you. Just let them, go to another spot. it's not worth using your time and credits to teamkill someone , and it's not possible to convince them in chat anyways.

– Do not play when you are tired, or angry. Both of those will decrease your play quality. Just take a break after a streak of bad games. Also it's better to just go to bed when you are tired – you will play better the next day (I broke this rule many times you can see it on my stats, even during this experiment, beucase I did not have time to play otherwise – and i have sleep problems, but "dont do this at home kids")

– if someone still manages to TK you or damage you, put them on ignore list and only them, and you will see in the next battle if you have to watch out for a specific teammate (people on your ignore list will show up as already muted at the start). Do this with people on the enemy team if you can see them pushing out a teammate from behind cover etc.

– Auto aim is almost never worth it. Even when you circle a slower tank its worth to shoot at the tracks because most of the time, your allies will also shoot it so yu can rack up some assistance damage and XP.

– speaking of circling, keep a safe distance, because if you dont, you will be teamkilled by your own arty.

– Mission goals change your playstyle which can lead you to having very bad games. I would advise activating missions and only read what they are halfway into the game.

– RESERVES ARE HUGE. They speed up grinds so much I have much more faith in reaching my goals than I had before.

Plans and goals


Next goal is the T28 HTC which I'm nowhere near to be prepared for. I'll probably need a heavy tank for when I cant do the other 4 sets up to 15, so the next goal is to get a heavy line going. I'm not sure which one though, because the heavy missions are loaded with blocking and the KV-1S line is not very good for that before tier 8, and I don't want to go up the KV-3—>IS-4 line because it sucks for anything else than blocking.

I'm thinking the Maus line, but that requires playing the Tiger P soooo… lets just say that line also "starts" at the VK 100.01 P. Japanese heavies are also not good because at lower tiers they just gonna get artied before blocking the required amount, and they are not good for blocking as much as the tier 9-10 anyways. French heavies are paper (the ones that arent, are bad), the british line is also hot garbage before tier 8, US too, although with decent tier 5-7, just not for blocking. I'm gonna have to choose which lines will suck less. On tier 10 it will probably be the Maus or the Polish one , but I think for the sake of credits safety and my own mental health I will probably have to compromise with the IS line.

For TDs a lot of missions require to be unspotted or use camonet so assault tanks like the Jagdtiger line or the Obj. 268 v4 line dont' seem good, but I did TD missions before in the Deathstar so everything is possible I guess. Pretty sure I just can't snipe in the Hetzer line after tier 7 though. This means, I think, that I will retrain the Hetzer crew to the Marder II and start going up the Grille 15 line instead (I'd really like the swedish line instead though, so I'll see if I can obtain a 3-woman crew for the UDES first.)

For lights, the goal is pretty clear, just keep going up the russian line, it will get better .(As opposed to the french line which starts getting worse, at least for missions)

For artillery, I will try completing T28 missions on the side with M44. Otherwise, the tier 7-9 US arties are just like the british ones, so I'll maybe give in and just go up this line instead of getting the british line, but we'll see. (Played both on my main account , although prenerf). CGC is just a personal goal of mine, huh. Let me know if you completed Obj 260 SPG-15 with another arty though, and how hard was it?

For mediums, E50m is one of my goals just for the meme potential as well as the Batchat because of it being iconic, but also the 140 because I heard it's good (although I also heard that the new 430U is better, maybe I'll go for that, but russian med line for sure.)

Also I heard about this Twitch care package which basically is lots of free stuff for an Amazon Prime user, and it has free trial, but I'll see how this goes. Right now I have to obtain a credit card because I lost my current one so it's gonna take some time. I'd like a free Val2… but this is a f2p experiment so I'll have to figure how i'm gonna deactivate the Amazon Prime trial before it starts being not free.

I looked over missions of the second campaign but a lot of them require tanks of a specific nation to complete so I'm way off. Probably going to work on them after my 4-5th tier 10.


Hopefully this post wasn't too long. Next will be about the LTG probably. Or the Marder II. Or both. Perhaps I will make it a weekly thing, as I got a job now so I'll probably play slightly less.

No service record now(it's redundent), if you want to, you can follow the progress in the link I provided or searching project_poverty in the EU server. Feel free to add me in-game for ease of following.

I probably left something out but I've been writing this for a good portion of the day now so I'll wrap it up. Just ask anything you want to know in the comments, i'll update the post if I missed something important, otherwise I answer every question anyways.

Also, as usual, constructive criticism is very welcome.

See you guys until next time!


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