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Proportionally higher ratio of alpha dmg to hp and serious buff and nerfs to various tanks(classes)?

WorldofTanks1 - Proportionally higher ratio of alpha dmg to hp and serious buff and nerfs to various tanks(classes)?

We are given various information with percentages about new dmg values and hp values

For HP we are informed that there will be an HP buff between 15-30 % depending on the tank

For alpha dmg we are given two different percentages one for the tier 8 90 mm gun and the other for the grille td

The increase in percentage being 31.25% for the tier 8 90 mm gun and 41.33 % for the grille.

So proportionally the lowest alpha value change we are informed of so far is 1.25 % points higher than the largest possible hp buff given 30%. With the Grille alpha dmg buff being 11.33% higher increase than the largest hp buff.

Compared to the minimum hp buff 15%, we are looking at a 16.25 % difference for the tier 8 90 mm gun and a shocking 26.33 % increase for the grille.

This means that any shot you receive from standard ammo is proportionally greater from the info we know so far than even the best hp buff.


Heavily armored tanks which will in tern receive the lowest hp buff will of course be able to negate the significant alpha dmg changes since in theory they will have good armor that won't be penetrated by the pen of standard shells consistently. But armor less tanks seems to be taking a straight nerf because even if they get the 30% hp buff it would still be 1.33 % less than the alpha dmg increase. Furthermore tanks that have pathetic penetration and bad armor (t69, light tanks, etc etc) essentially received no buffs and only nerfs(even if in theory they did get more hp they would have lower survivability since their is a higher ratio of alpha-to-hp). This re-work seems at least initially to me to be a buff for high alpha tanks like the type 5, t110e3,t1104, etc, and a nerf to lightly armored tanks, and low pen tanks. Also many people feared that the super heavies would become OP with the previous idea of ammo changes (nerfing gold pen) but this new re-work seems to have the exact same problem with the additional effect that a lot of these superheavies tend to have high alpha dmg guns e-100(could use the buff tbh), type 5, type 4(could also use the buff tbh), vk72.01k(oh lawd will this tank be imba). But there will also be a general buff to high alpha dmg tds like the t95, t110e3, t110e4, 268v4(pls no), etc. Since you can choose to not shoot gold and not pen or shoot gold and still not pen while having lower alpha dmg, furthermore these tanks will be hitting back at you with even more dmg. Personally I don't think that giving the superheavies a small buff is going to be game breaking except for the vk72.01k since they mostly suck or are simply all right. But heavily armored TD and higher alpha dmg armorless TDs are going to make this game even more campy and painful imo.

Share any thoughts you have or where I messed up.

TLDR higher alpha on standard rounds then HP buffs even with the most extreme comparison so far, giving high alpha tanks a general buff and armourless tanks and especially armorless low pen tanks worse.

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