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Proposal for Game Progression

WorldofTanks3 - Proposal for Game Progression

After dealing with a number of experienced players complaining about "permitting" new players in the same battles, as if it is an exclusive club…I considered how I'd feel as a new player joining the community and trying to learn the game. I jumped onto my sons account and looked at what was available to me, and it seemed, daunting. In short, the UI and game is configured to try to be everything to everyone, and failing across the board.

It seemed to be a simple matter of implementing staged game progression. For example, a new player joins the game. They are given 5 tanks to play with standard ammo, a crew, and they join a battle. The battle consists of 30 tanks. You join the battle and you try to kill the other tanks. You die, and you respawn. You die, and you respawn again. As you learn to drive the tank, you earn experience. When you respawn, you have 10-15 seconds to select a different tank to drive, and then you go try to kill someone. After you earn enough experience, you can choose to "graduate".

Players that graduate get the opportunity to buy the new tanks, with the simplistic UI, and general offerings for tanks. The current UI would be an example of providing just enough information to satisfy a new player, but not too much. You could dumb it down more to keep the TT progression simple, and introduce the players to the "individual battle structure".

After a number of battles, you're notified that you can check a box that gives you "Advanced UI settings" where you get a larger amount of intimate details about your tanks and modules. It's detailed because you asked it to be detailed…and therefore you can satisfy the individuals that want a load of information, while not blinding new players.


Most importantly, for your first 500 battles, your matchmaking is against other players with fewer than 500 battles total…call it "Class C". From 500-1000 battles, you have standard matchmaking with all players that have 500+ battles, but a preference for players with fewer battles. After 1000 battles, you're matched against other players with 1000+ battles, unless needed to fill in a 500-1000 battle match.

The point of the progression is to avoid splitting the community and matchmaking entirely, but to enable players to ease into more difficult battles. Additionally, more experienced players are going to be matched against more experienced players the majority of the time, unless they're needed to fill a lower level match. The "preference" element only being one factor in the matchmaking.

And lastly, all players have the option to join a sandbox of other players randomly shooting each other for no other reason than to drive a tank and learn about it. This environment would allow for someone to let their kid play any tank at any time, without messing with their stats, or messing with another persons game. You could get a new tank and jump into the sandbox instead of a real match, just to figure out if you really need to spend free xp to upgrade the gun, or if you need to buy binoculars versus vents.

TLDR: The game is too complicated for new, casual players…while the experienced players don't want them around…while there's a need to grow the playerbase…while the UI is trying to satisfy two disparate masters. If there is a legitimate game progression that enables simplicity at the start, and graduates to more difficult situations…you have a greater chance of keeping both new players and experienced players happy.

Best of all, but making these "preferences", I can start a new account and jump right into playing the base game with a fresh garage against experienced players, without having to mess around with the noob stuff.

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