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PSA: Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the upcoming Holiday Ops. Here are my “lessons learned” notes I typed down after last year’s event to use for this year’s Ops.

WorldofTanks7 - PSA: Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the upcoming Holiday Ops. Here are my "lessons learned" notes I typed down after last year's event to use for this year's Ops.

I don't spend money on Holiday Ops boxes so I'm careful with how I progress through the event. Knowing that WG will do the Holiday Ops event every December, it's worth getting familiar with some notes before it begins so that I can make the most out of it. WG will be posting their own instructions soon on the portal.

Feel free to add your tips. Mods can sticky this if they find it useful. This year's event begins next Thursday, Dec. 13th.

1) General: Earn ornaments (through missions) or create high tier ornaments from lower tier ornaments to progress from Festive Atmosphere Level 1 to Level 10 by mounting ornaments to tree/snowman/house/yard. Ornaments are ranked Tier 1 through Tier 5. Breaking ornaments yields shards which are used to create other ornaments. Creating higher tier ornaments costs more shards than lower tier ornaments. Creating theme or type specific ornaments costs even more shards especially if they are high tier. Creating random ornaments costs fewer shards relative to their tier (ie: creating random Tier 4 ornament is less costly than creating a specific Tier 4 ornament).

2) Hold off on creating Tier 5 ornaments as long as possible. Boxes opened from completed missions will occasionally provide Tier 5 ornaments which will save shards that would otherwise be wasted on having created the same Tier 5 ornament earlier.

3) If the need to create specific ornaments arises early on in the event, create random Tier 5 ornaments initially. Random ornaments require fewer shards (vs. creating non-random specific ornaments) and risk of duplicating Tier 5 ornaments is minimal in the early stage of the event as you do not yet have a high number of Tier 5 ornaments collected. Creating specific Tier 5 ornaments requires more shards and should be left near the middle-to-end of the event when missing Tier 5 ornaments are needed but the risk of duplication is higher from random creation.

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4) If planning on a specific theme early in the event, create random Tier 5 ornaments for that theme (Chinese, Traditional, Modern, or Soviet). This will cost more shards than a completely random creation but as said prior, creating random ornaments near the beginning of the event is preferred due to low chance of duplication.

5) Holidron Decorider has an RNG element even when crafting a specific ornament as other ornaments within that category (Tree Topper, Garland, Tree Skirt, etc.) may be created rather than your target ornament. Definitely a WTF moment from 2017-2018 Ops when targeting a specific ornament yielded something else. This is probably to motivate players to buy boxes after failing to create what they needed.

6) Best method to achieve increases in Festive Atmosphere levels is to mount ornaments as they are received and only break lesser tier ornaments into shards as they are de-mounted and replaced. Low tier ornaments are removed as higher tier ornaments are placed in their positions.

7) Event lasted from 12/15/2017 – 1/15/2018.

8) Take screenshots often. I found WG's artwork during Holiday Ops to be amazing so I always keep screenshots of it. Here's an album of what it looked like last year.

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