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Q&A with devs (19.12.2018)

WorldofTanks9 - Q&A with devs (19.12.2018)

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Note: I've skipped information which was already announced during WG Fest


Q: Why no Santa vs Krampus in the CIS region?
A: It's their own idea, we don't copy-paste everything between regions.

Q: Why we can't get big boxes without paying money?
A: Lots of streamers are doing giveaways, try your luck there.

Q: Why can't you just triple the penalty for teamdamage instead of turning it off completely?
A: Because accidental teamdamage happens too, we don't want to punish players for that.

Q: Why can't you limit the amount of premium ammo instead of nerfing its damage?
A: Because that would mean that all of it is still going to be used to battle heavily armoured vehicles, nothing would change.

Q: Any further mod integrations planned?
A: We are constantly monitoring which mods should be integrated, I personally want to see session stats implemented.

Q: Can you let us pick a map we'd like to play on?
A: Look forward to the premium account changes, tests will tell

Q: Do you plan to rename old inactive accounts to let us use some of the occupied nicknames?
A: We do that from time to time, sometimes even without announcing it.

Q: Why namechange is so expensive?
A: So that you won't be raping our database with infinite namechange requests.


Q: Any plans to make Obj. 907 or VK 72.01 available during the next event?
A: We haven't decided on the rewards list yet, it's going to be finalized in 2019.

Q: IS-3 has an autoloader, now give it to IS-7 too, make it historically accurate.
A: Adding that feature would trigger drastic rebalance of other stats. Considering that IS-7 is the most popular tank on our servers, we don't want to risk it because we know that we won't be able to satisfy every single player.

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Q: Ten reports isn't enough, maybe increase the available amount?
A: We don't plan to make any changes.

Q: Any plans to rebalance HE-oriented tanks?
A: Yes, we do plan to rework them. The Japanese ones.

Q: What about Italian TD tree? Low tier Italian premiums? Awful Panther?
A: TDs not yet, Low tiers probably yes, Awful Panther isn't ready yet.

Q: Can you roll back T-22's changes?
A: No, it was too OP. Also the reason it won't be obtainable anymore.

Q: Any plans to rebalance ELC?
A: No, we don't have any plans at the moment.

Q: From all the announcements, what's going to appear fisrt?
A: Frontlines. It's 100% complete and ready.

Q: My Buffon is commanding a Japanese tank and I don't like it. Can you add an option to switch nation for my crew?
A: We don't plan to do that.

Q: What's the info on T67?
A: It's a problematic vehicle, most likely we're going to rebalance that tank along with a lot of others.

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