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Question regarding tank crews

WorldofTanks4 - Question regarding tank crews

Hey everyone.

New to the game and have a question regarding my tank crews.

Seeing as I've just started out and I'm quickly progressing through the tank tiers I was wondering what to do with my tank crews every time I unlock a new tank?

When I buy a new tank I can either get a new crew with it or I can send the crew from the previous tank to the barracks and place them on the new tank (and hire any fresh recruits to fill the gaps). When I attach a crew from the previous tank the % number is in red due to being used in another tank. So for now I've just retrained them for free whixh brings them down to about 50-60% which in most cases isn't bad but some times I'm bringing crews over that have been at 80%+ and retraining them is knocking them down more than i want.


Now I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not? I just figured the logical thing would be to keep using the same crew for whatever line in going to be progressing down (tank destroyers, heavies and so on).

I have a premium account as it was gifted to me from WG and I have little to no gold and don't particularly want to start pumping money into the game until I know that I'm going to like it.

So can someone explain to me if I'm doing the right thing sticking with the same crew and bringing them up when I level up a tank or is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? It just feels like every time I have to retrain them I'm taking a step back you know?

A huge thanks to anyone who can talk me through this.

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