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Quickybaby was pretty tilted about the game-play on the NA Central server

WorldofTanks7 - Quickybaby was pretty tilted about the game-play on the NA Central server

(Edit: while he was in America streaming from Twitch's event over the last few days — and did anyone else think that booth he was in was kinda weird? — Inside this box we've got an internet famous streamer, but you can't see him and he can't see you… but really, he's in there)

It was kind of funny listening to him complain about the passive teams and the poor quality of players. But it was also very interesting as well… mostly because it's true. Day after day, people complain about bots and 'shitters' but i try to tune it out because I don't like what it means.

Has the player count finally dropped to a point that you really can't expect decent teams in public matches?

I had a lot of games this past weekend where players are bunched up in dumb locations or heavy tanks just trundle along in the open and die instantly. Scout tanks that won't scout, heavies that go climb mountains with mediums. TD's that camp the redline and refuse to move up. And don't even mention the unmentionable vehicles…


I was playing off and on all weekend and the server never came close to 20k that I can recall. Looking at end game screen shots (which I only take if I do very well) the last time i see 20k was 9/23 and it was barely 20k combined. Then August 26th before that. I used to think 30k was a low number but now the game is having trouble getting 20k at peak times. It's kinda depressing.

Perhaps some of the folks constantly saying "the game is dying" aren't too far off. I mean, eventually they'll be right.

How does wargaming get more players in the game? Are they even trying?


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