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[Rant] More Soviet premiums

WorldofTanks5 - [Rant] More Soviet premiums

As suggested by the title, we need more, beautiful, glorious Soviet premiums. I'm sure you know there aren't too many around, so we absolutely need a new one. I'd suggest an artillery with a 10 round clip and 10 second full-clip reload time. On a serious note, tho. This is ridiculous. Auto re-loader IS-3 and a T-100 LT at t10? Are you kidding me? Plus the arty being the goddamn shit in almost every single game. I stop for a fragment and i get clicked. Game's getting more and more boring. You either grind ALL of the soviet lines if you get somewhere or you pay for t8 soviet premiums. Greaattt! Halloween event was the most boring game mode ever created. But WG said they want their game to be around for about 30 years. Yes, WG! This is the way to go! Go and get more and more soviet premiums. We don't need anything, just go and release more corridor maps and you know what, we don't need any map, other than Minsk. That is the most perfectest playground for any soviet powercreep. Let it be LT-432, Defender, Obj. V4 or Obj 430/430U. The way this game continues to struggle on is miraculous. I cannot even imagine how it will be in a year… let alone 10… World of Tanks was a fun game… but that was a long time ago. I cannot any fun in it.


Hope this makes sense to anyone who reads it and sorry for any occasional spelling mistakes

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