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RDDT Family is Recruiting! Both EU and NA

WorldofTanks9 - RDDT Family is Recruiting! Both EU and NA

Tankers, Ready to find your forever family? The RDDT family is here!

We have social, training, and clan wars clans, from NA to EU. What’s best is your choice of a Reddit clan which brings with it many of the same people you’re used to seeing here on the worldoftanks subreddit. Come find us on Teamspeak or Discord if you are interested. Here’s what the Reddit Family is all about:

Introducing the Reddit Clans!

Option Number 1… RDDT. Home of the Identity Crises.

  • Focus: Tier 10 Clan Wars, Advances
  • Bonuses: Strongholds, Tournaments, Campaign tanks, Clan Boosters, Gold Payouts, Bond Payouts, and Puns!
  • Requirements: 2000 rWN8, 55% rWinrate, 5+ Meta Tier 10s, 2000 Avg. Dmg. at Tier X, TeamSpeak for voice comms, Discord for chat comms
  • Expectations: Participate in clan activities 4+ days a week (see recruiter for details)
  • Officers to contact: RegretfulParakeet, Rhainds, XVMcamo

Here are some things we can bribe you with: Great atmosphere for learning the art of calling and improving in general. Daily Strongholds and boosters to earn credits and XP. Extremely profitable and competitive tournament teams. Clan Nights with gold and tank prizes. Ample platooning opportunities. Gold Payouts for Purchasing and Marking Tier Xs while in the clan.

Option Number 2… TL-DR. Home of the Farmers.

  • Focus: Tier 10 Clan wars and Advances, Tier 8 Strongholds
  • Bonuses: Tournaments, Clan Boosters
  • Requirements: 1600 rWN8, 52% rWinrate, 3+ Meta Tier 10s, 1+ Meta Tier 8, and 1500 WN8 Tier 10
  • Expectations: Participate in SHs 2 hours per week, Participate in CWs
  • Officers to contact: Carsonjones08, Dirge-Pump, Dusty_man, Odiemor, Christ, Destroyer_Buck

TL-DR, we are like RDDT, just not as good. We finished 15nd in the past CWs season and earned bonds from our awesome alliance system. We also placed 14th in season playoffs. We were reborn about a year ago, each season we have improved. TL-DR has a decent set of callers and callers-in-training but always looking for more who are willing to learn.

Option Number 3… RDTT2. Home of the Drunks.

  • Focus: Training Clan
  • Bonuses: Strongholds, Clan Boosters
  • Requirements: 1000 rWN8, 50% rWinrate, 1 preferred Tier 6, 1 (any) Tier 8
  • Expectations: Participate in clan activities 1+ day a week
  • Officers to contact: creativityfails, cmat17, dellious

Often imitated, never duplicated, the only correctly spelled RDTT clan is looking for a few more tankers to join us in our quest to bring drunkenness, death, and destruction upon those who oppose us. Our preferred tier 6 tanks are the T-34-85M, T21, Type 64, Skoda T25, Cromwell, and Cromwell B.

Option Number 4… RDDTV. Home of the Misfits.

  • Focus: Clan Wars
  • Bonuses: Strongholds, Clan Boosters
  • Requirements: 1000 rWN8, 50% rWinrate, 1 preferred Tier 6, 1 Tier 8, 1 Tier 10
  • Expectations: Participate in clan activities 2+ day a week
  • Officers to contact: Drake_Lancer, F008

RDDTV is the beginning clan for clan wars in the Reddit Community. We love platooning with people and helping them get better.

Option Number 5… RDDT6. Home of the Oddballs.

  • Focus: Social/Training Clan
  • Bonuses: Training, Platooning, Strongholds
  • Requirements: about 1000 rWN8
  • Expectations: Be social – platoon with clan members, come to team trainings, and use teamspeak
  • Officers to contact: Herr_Mangat, TheDonn69, Bandit_Troop_FST, Azor23

RDDT6 is a social clan focused on platooning, team training, and tier 6 and 8 strongholds. We believe that the best way to improve is to learn game mechanics and skills in training and then to apply that knowledge by platooning with others. If you’re looking for a friendly group of tankers willing to platoon and help you improve, then RDDT6 is the right place for you.

Now, how do you get in to this family? Join us on TeamSpeak @ and Come find us on Discord:

If you’re EU, the Reddit Family’s got you covered, too!

Option Number 1… RDDT. Home of the Horrible Accents.

  • Focus: Tier 10 Clan Wars and Campaigns
  • Bonuses: Daily Advances, Strongholds, Daily +50% Credit Boosters, Gold Payouts, Platoons…
  • Requirements: 1800 rWN8, 3+ Tier 10 Meta Tanks (One must be an Obj 277/260 or Obj 140/907) Each application will be considered on an individual basis. Note that these are just guidelines.
  • Expectations: Participate in at least 30 clan battles a month, TeamSpeak, and Slack.

Option Number 2… RDDTF. Home of the Lemmings.

  • Focus: Social/Training Clan
  • Bonuses: Platoons. Strongholds and Advances are community-wide.
  • Requirements: Be an active member of the community
  • Expectations: Be on TeamSpeak when playing. Use Slack.

Join the EU Reddit family on our TeamSpeak @, or check out our EU recruitment subreddit.


Officers to contact (ingame): IronPuma2012, bufferzone, donduky, Dannythebest, H737 Or through Discord: PumaWhiskers#9203

Community Night Bonus!

Community night means prizes, free prizes. We host both clan and family community nights. We run events including racing, demo derbies, bridge push, cliff jumping, battle boats,

and many, many more. Winning games gives you the opportunity to win gold, premium time, and tanks.

Caller Training

Stronghold and Clan Wars clans are looking for players interested in becoming callers. If you want to dip your toes into the craziness that is calling, we’ll help you hone those skills by working with you in live-fire training sessions. A seasoned caller will run battles with you, and will give constructive feedback after games.

~Only Clan Wars offer a chance to earn gold

~All requirements are for recent stats.

~Age requirement of 18+ for all clans. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis. While usage of strong language and bad manners is discouraged, it can, and does, happen from time to time on TS.

Example of Meta Tier 10s: IS-7, Obj 260, Obj 277, SConq, Type 5, WZ-111 5A, Obj 140, Obj 430U, Obj 907, Chieftain, EBR

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