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Re ammo rework: a musing

WorldofTanks5 - Re ammo rework: a musing

I was just musing on my opinion on how they could alter the ammo types in the upcoming changes, rather than an arbitary reduction of damage to all gold shells.

This is more for tanks whose ammo types are not all different (AP, APCR/HEAT, HE) but guns which use say two APCR shells. This is just me musing a bit, but i wouldn't mind hearing about what others think.

Rather than arbitrary changes to the 2 key, I was thinking changing the nature of shell types. The main problem is creating characteristics that don't have untintending consequences, such as buffing superheavies. With that in mind…

AP Damage: Average; Penetration: Average; Velocity: Average; General purpose shell, and used as a benchmark for other tanks. Not much changed here.

APCR Damage: Low; Penetration: High; Velocity: High initial; My thinking with this is that the shell would have a higher velocity to begin with, but would drop off quickly due to its low weight, and so would the penetration. Best shell for penetration up to mid distance, but at longer ranges, you're better firing AP.

HEAT Damage: Above average; Penetration: Slightly higher than AP, but subject more to normilisation; Velocity: Lower than AP; My idea with this was to have a slower moving shell that would do better damage than AP, and have better raw pen, but would have difficulty penetrating angled armour. This would mean its effecitve against superheavies, but less so against more angled tanks. The low velocity means that it would be difficult to use at longer range, but in the hands of a skilled player would still be effective.


HE Damage: High; Penetration: Bugger all; Velocity: Meh; HE mostly remains the same, good against soft target, guaranteed damage, and splashes slightly and travels a bit slower than AP.

HESH/HEP Damage: bit less than HE Penetration: Somewhere between HE and AP Velocity: a bit better than HE Basically, HESH/HEP gets a different set because of its better Pen mechanics. It would get slightly better pen and velocity, but loose some damage. HESH would veer more towards velocity, and HEP towards Penetration.

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APDS Damage: Low; Penetration: Higher than AP; Velocity: Higher average; This is a footnote example since I found it does exist in WoT. Basically, it would loose some overall pen and initial velocity for less of a hit at range. Better at long range than APCR

An afterthought is that it would be nice if you could have a choice of more than 3 ammo types for a tank, but still be restricted to only 3 at a time. Then you could modify your load out to what suits your play. I'd be happy to hear what you think

NB; this smells an awful lot like the other game I know, but that wasn't my intention, honest!

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