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Real-world WW2 Anti-Tank Arty Experience

WorldofTanks6 - Real-world WW2 Anti-Tank Arty Experience

So I came across this today, and I thought it was relevant given the never-ending "REEEEE" about in-game artillery.

Here is actual WW2 evidence about indirect artillery being employed in the anti-tank role.

Yes, it is massed fire instead of the in-game overhead sniper view – but based on this description, the single-shot-sniper would appear to be far less effective.

So then:

"The commander decided on a daring move. The best defence was still to attack. And so we headed off to meet the enemy with twelve tanks! Soon sixteen enormous German Tiger-type tanks appeared; the battle commenced and straightaway within three minutes, six of our tanks were destroyed for just one of theirs!

Only the artillery could save us. Crouching in a foxhole, I gave my signaller orders over a portable radio for him to pass on to the guns. I waited. Had I studied my map properly? Did I indicate the place correctly? Would the guns be able to fire in time? The steel monsters were still moving forward, with all their guns firing. I could see their machine guns blazing: their 88s were whistling over my head. But what were the artillerymen up to? The first tank was only 500 metres away…..400, 300, 250, 200! It was all over: I couldn't look any more. And yet I was still looking: 150 metres, 100 metres. I jumped into the bottom of the hole, and with my face to the ground, I did not make a move; in a second death would come, of that I was certain…..

Instinctively, I murmured a prayer…..All of a sudden, a hurricane, the noise of thunder, the earth was quaking! Was this death? Was it possible? It was reinforcements. Our guns were firing! What I could hear was our shells!

And there, in my foxhole, I laughed and cried! Crazily, I raised my head, but only for an instant! We were saved! Like never before, with prodigious accuracy and speed, a cloud of shells poured down on the enemy. The Hun (Germans) hesitated. Five tanks were burning like haystacks. My gunners received orders to fire all their ammunition! The attack was broken: the Germans retreated, pursued by the Poles who destroyed another three tanks!"

  • Captain Pierre Sevigny was a Canadian artilleryman who was attached to the 1st Polish Armoured Division as part of the II Canadian Corps during the Battle of Normandy in the Northwest theatre of the Second World War (1939-1945).

As a majority of the Poles could speak both Polish and French, they specifically requested that a French-Canadian forward observation officer be attached to their unit so that they could have appropriate artillery support without language being a barrier. When the division pushed forward southeast of St. Lambert-sur-Dives to take two pieces of high ground (both hills were 262 metres above sea level and due to their contour lines appeared in the shape of a two headed mace, thus the geography of the area was called "the Mace" or "Maczuga" in Polish), they were promptly cut off and surrounded by the Germans in the area.

From 17-21 August 1944 (the final day of the battle and the event above occurring 75 years ago today) the Germans relentlessly attacked the Poles in an attempt to destroy the division, but the Poles fought hard and, with Captain Sevigny's artillery support, was able to beat off countless attacks. On the final day of the battle, with ammunition, rations, water and fuel low throughout the Polish division the Germans put in their final attack. Sevigny and other Polish FOOs had been given four medium regiments, over 200 artillery guns firing up to 100-pound shells, to defend the division with, and Sevigny called in the fire mission. What occurred is recounted above, and a few minutes after the fire mission ended Canadian tanks from the 4th Canadian Armoured Division appeared to link-up with the Poles.

From "Victory at Falaise: The Soldiers' Story," by Brigadier-General Denis Whitaker and Shelagh Whitaker with Terry Copp.

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