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Remount’s Revised List of Arty Tips – October 2018

WorldofTanks2 - Remount's Revised List of Arty Tips - October 2018

It's been nearly two years since I posted these tips, and while I've updated them over the years, no one could comment on them any longer.

Any feedback, corrections, or suggestions are welcome.

Here are my updated arty tips after playing nearly 35,000 arty games:

  • Get the free Battle Assistant Mod, which gives you a 3-D view and allows you to easily aim thru windows/wrecked buildings. Note: Due to the fact that the BA mod sometimes moves the view in the opposite horiz direction of your mouse (due to the direction you are facing on the map), you'll want to acquire targets in the standard overhead view, then change to BA. When using BA to aim at tanks on the top of a hill, your view may actually be in the sky & you may want to switch to standard strategic view. If you hold the ALT key before firing in the Battle Assistant mode, you can see a really cool effect: IMGUR

  • Positioning your arty III: If there are multiple arties on your team, try to position your SPG so that you can hit spots the other arty can't, and/or so that you can crossfire on any heavy brawling spots.

  • End game positioning. When it comes down to just you & a few friendly tanks against a few enemy tanks, you need to consider the possibility that one of the enemy tanks will disengage from the main fight & go after you. The longer the time period where the enemy tanks are unspotted & the faster the enemy tanks are, the more likely they are coming for you first. Consider backing into a corner & pre-aiming in front of you.

  • If you get counter-batteried right at the start of the game, there are no enemies near & your sixth sense did not go off, consider the possibility that one of your 'friendly' teammates may have reported your position to the enemy arty. Look at the clan tags of your team & those of the enemy team. It happened to me once & I reported both players. I can't be certain they were banned cause, 'privacy', but one player didn't log in for seven-days (which is also the penalty for first-time cheating).

  • Several thoughts in regards to completing the missions requiring your teammates to generate high damage on tanks you've stunned:

  1. Focus on stunning tanks that are already engaged, rather than easy targets that are not getting shot at by your team.
  2. Pre-aim where your allies are moving to. Hitting a tank that is just spotted can yield huge assisted damage.
  3. If there are multiple arties, you may want to wait for another arty to fire at a cluster of tanks, let the stunned tanks use their med kits, THEN fire. However if they don't use a med kit & you then stun them again, you should realize that the first stunning SPG gets 70% of the damage; second and subsequent stunning SPG share 30% of the damage
  4. Non-SPG players have caught on to the fact that they give half the credit/exp to the SPG when shooting stunned tanks & may preferentially shoot at NON-stunned tanks.
  5. Try to be the first to hit high-HP, just-spotted enemy tanks. Don't spend a lot of time aiming, just shoot. Get them stunned before your team mates start hitting them.
  • Tier X Ranked Battles – Changes to the Chevron system in Season 1 resulted in a huge increase in the use of heavy tanks, with hardly any LTs being found, and the games became very campy and slow. I recommend the GWE 100 (it had the most ammo x avg damage), and then (in order of preference): T92 (hi alpha, low ammo), CGC (hi alpha/arc, SO inaccurate), Obj 261 (laser accuracy, low damage/ammo), BC 155 58 (low alpha). I was able to get to Rank 13/Silver league in the GWE 100.

  • Tier VIII Ranked Battles – Haven't played yet (coming Nov 2018), but I'll likely bring the G.W. Tiger P since it has the highest damage/splash, and mobility is rarely an issue for SPGs in ranked battles.

  • Grand Battles – There are SO many enemy tanks in GBs that you almost always have a 'good' shot somewhere. Also, with the larger 1400m map, SPGs can shoot at near-maximum range where the shells are coming nearly straight down. This negates a lot of normally 'arty safe' cover. I've found that the GWE is the best for this mode since it has the 2nd highest DPM and vertical arc, 3rd highest pen, & an explosion radius that is only 0.4 meters less than the largest (T92). It's slow relocation speed is of lower importance due to the campy nature of GBs. CB seems to be uncommon, and it's narrow gun traverse is not much of an issue at long range.

  • Spread your shells around, get more EXP (and bonds) – SPGs are very well-suited towards winning the Confederate medal: 'Damage more enemy vehicles (>=6) than any other player on your team. These enemy vehicles must subsequently be destroyed by another player.' Now I'm not suggesting you pursue a medal just for the medal, but for what happens IF you get the medal & IF your team losses. Normally, when you lose a match, you don't get the winning +50% EXP and credits boost. BUT, if you get a Battle Heroes medal (like Top Gun, Gores, or Confederate), you KEEP that EXP & credits that you would have lost. You'll see it listed as 'Courageous Resistance'. So, your goal should be to hit every enemy tank at least once. Now, don't ignore groups of tanks you've already hit, or ignore low-health tanks you could easily finish off & don't shoot all the way across the map, but do your best otherwise & you might just get the medal (and the exp/credits). And, you earn 2 bonds for a Tier X medal.

  • When an SPG tracks and stuns a tank, the SPG first receives stun damage when the tracked tank is hit by another tank. Then, after the stun clock runs out, if the enemy tank is still tracked, the SPG receives tracked credit. PROOF

  • When getting rushed by a light tank, if possible, move towards building cover to avoid getting shot by enemy SPGs (and pray your allies try to help you).

  • At end of game, you may NOT want to shoot, which will reveal your position.

  • An often asked question is, 'What SPG should I use for the Arty Mission?' For those wishing to avoid a long arty grind, here is a list of the lowest tier SPGs you can use for the stun missions (guns >= 139.7 mm)

VehicleCountryTierCaliber (mm)
Crusader 5.5-in. SPBritish7139.7
Sturmpanzer I BisonGerman3150
Sturmpanzer IIGerman4150
M41 HMCUnited States5155
AMX 13 F3 AMFrench6155

Note: The M41 HMC can be researched from the Tier V Chaffee Light tank. Also, the Tier VII Russian S-51 can be accessed from the KV-2 Heavy tank. The AMX 13 F3 AM can be researched from the Tier VI AMX 12 t Light tank. Also, the S-51 has both a stock 152 mm gun as well as a 203 mm top gun, both which have high stun values.

Player SaltyJedi has some excellent Mission advice for all vehicle classes here.


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