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RESULTS – banned maps poll

WorldofTanks7 - RESULTS - banned maps poll


Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll

So, for the people that want to know the most hated maps, I'll spare you the 'boring' details, for others, fun details and observations follow

We have the WINNERS

  1. Airfield
  2. Paris
  3. Minks

Airfield, is by far the most banned map, and most of its votes come from 1st ban -> if you hate it, you hate it a lot (i do)

Paris and Minsk are both 'new' city maps, the votes are roughly 50/50 on 1st/2nd vote, but those maps are only tip of the iceberg when it comes to maps, because there is a trend when it comes to the most banned ones (simple table here
QgmE9O2 - RESULTS - banned maps poll )

So what is the trend? Most out of 15 most banned maps are (mostly for heavies) not really playable in a sense, i want to pick fights and push, you can't (or in worse case, you cant even get to the spot safely), because if you do, you get fucked super hard by multiple camp spots

  • Airfield, all those TD spots, unplayable
  • Paris , manageable, you have to cross in the back, but hated for other reasons
  • Minsk, the center hulldown for heavy is easily shot from med flank + by arty
  • Empire's border, north flank has way worse route to the upped heavy flank, like super worse
  • Enks, hated for other reasons
  • Erlenberg, Fisherman's bay, Ghost town , all maps have one corner for heavy to fight, if you move just a bit, you get shot form all the sides


I can continue down the list, but even fot mediums there is no place to fight (maybe Ensk green side but thats it) so that is why those maps are banned by players

Some fun tidbits

  • 65% of players have premium
    • more than i expected, but might be little off because redditors/twitch viewers are generally more active in the game)
  • 15% of players are going to buy premium just because the 2 maps ban feature
  • 85% EU | 14% NA
    • to be expected, ~150 votes from reddit, ~220 from twitch streams i moderate (Dakillzor, marty_vole, peacemaker)
  • The reasons for ban section is divided into 3 main groups
    • map is bad and you can't properly play on it (mostly Airfield, fisherman and Ghost town) so maps with a lot of crossfires
    • I don't like this map, just because , mixed maps, highway, overlord, studzianky etc
    • I play LT so i ban Paris, banning because of vehicle type, makes sense
  • Only 2 maps have significantly more bans as 2nd pick (because those 94 no-premium votes) and that's Pilsen and Studzianky, both of those are the 'MEH' maps that slide under the 'I HATE THEM' radar but are still bad

Thanks for the read and for the votes, if anyone is interested, the data is here (only the map votes) –
edit?usp=sharing - RESULTS - banned maps poll

So, did you see the results roughly like this or is there a map you are surprised how good/bad it did?

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