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To be completely clear, I'm a PS4 NA player, and it doesn't look good for me.


Through the mystery of Youtube algorithms, I have had some recent videos pop up in my feed coming from Quickybaby, and I heard about the proposal of them nerfing gold rounds (I know, they're 'premium' or some such nonsense now) has me interested in the game again so I downloaded it and loaded it up.


And I'm completely lost. I forgot what I was working towards, I forgot what roles each tank was supposed to do (and I think I have some tweaked for said roles), and there is just so much since the last time that I've played that just looking at my garage is just confusing.


The last time I played was roughly around the time when the Champion Panther was 'awarded', so anything that I should know since that time would be appreciated. I also picked up the Twitch Prime Bravo package, because why not?



I did a quick 30 second google search, and I didn't find a site that had a list of what was in my garage, so I'll list it here and if someone would be so kind as to both give me a rundown as to how I should be using these tanks and which ones I should be fumbling around in while I get my bearings, I would be greatly appreciative:


M4 Crusader

Pz. I C

Pz. II J PS (no crew)

Pz. IV H

Pz. T 25 (no crew)

Champion Panther


Hummel (no crew)


Raseiniai (no crew)

Valentine II


Churchill III

Fatherland (no idea how I got this one)

Type 91


I also have one vacant slot, 90k silver, 2.4k free xp, 7 days premium, and 230 gold. I'm not planning on buying any more gold until I at least get a feel for the game, and see if I want to continue to play the game.

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Any and all help would be appreciated.

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