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Review of the current week’s T34 yes only one this time


The T34 and T34 Black is an American tier 8 heavy. Extreme summary: it's a T29 with the 120mm gun from the T30. In other words the front of the hull has weak spots meant to be damaged by lucky tier 5 and armor good for tier 7. Yeahh… don't rely on those 170mm (200 over the spare tracks) to block much. However the turret is still wonderful, with the front being only at risk of high penetration premium from tier 8 tank destroyer, or good premium for higher tiers. The turret roof (IF you can hit it) can be overmatched by 120mm guns and right above the gun mantlet (IF you can hit it) there a small section worth about 220mm. The rear of the turret has an hilarious 203mm of armor because why not! Mobility is similar to the T29, with the same 35 kmph top speed and 12 in reverse, same (ish) power to weight ratio of 12.51 hp/ton making it a pretty uh, relaxed ride. Resistances aren't good, a little worse than the T29 except for soft terrain: just don't. Traverse is also not good, lower than the T29, with 22 for the hull and 18 for the turret. The only heavy at the tier getting in the same range are super heavy… that's bad. Just like the 380 meters of view range and the laughable camo rating! The gun is as mentioned, a 120mm and once you mix that sweet turret and 10 degrees of depression it's clear this is meant to live around ridges. Reload is a pretty long 15 seconds, at 3.2 seconds the reload is super slow but 0.35 isn't bad as accuracy. Now where this shines… 400 damage per shell (good, but far from exceptional nowadays) and penetration is 248/297/60 that is absolutely a thing of beauty, highest values of any same tier heavy.


Price 12000; 14400 for the black one

Special features turret, gun depression, high penetration, massive xp boost for the black one

Status always available/black one not really sold/was once free for Twitch Prime subscribers

Skill level uhh… so, it's not a bad tank. It's also not good or competitive though. It's been power crept, and the role is more of a hull down tank destroyer, because the rate of fire means it's possible to rush it, the traverse makes it easy to circle and overall you want some distance between you and your targets. The gun is accurate enough, penetration makes it easy to damage stuff, reload and aim time will rain on the parade though. One thing worth mentioning is that with that much base penetration, this has a good silver printing potential! Skill wise, this requires knowledge of the map with sniping lanes and ridges, and common sense to not just park it as arty bait. Medium kinda high due to power creep?

PMM no

And this is it. Fucking 5am. I need to write reviews when I'm not supposed to sleep.

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