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salty player on me “being stupid”

WorldofTanks7 - salty player on me "being stupid"

(NOTICE!: I might be very stupid or something and not realize that I am in the wrong so let me know! also im copy and pasting so ya)

So sorry for my bad spelling or grammer and some words have been censored but what happens is the typical World of Tanks salt for easy identification;

Me- A

Other guy- Salt

Salt: You and the A-20 were fuc*ing morons

A: why? I went to a good spot and I had no other support so i tried to wiggle myself out but failed and I didn't stick around that much, well after and i don't even know what the A-20 did

Salt: Your job is 1. Spot but do NOT engage, 2. Engage when the enemy least likely expects you (and that means when they are engaged with something else). You just ran over the hill and got yourself killed

A: ok geez i was going to stay and spot but there is no good spot (well as i see) on that map besides there is something called Agressive Scouting xd.

no need to argue its fine i agree i did something pretty stupid but its also stupid for you to argue something that is finished and nothing we do to change, also i did not suicide, i got outnumbered and outsmarted

do you expect me to kill the 2 other luchs and actually they also engaged on me first i mean this isnt a peacefull game but i think you get what i mean doesnt matter anyway anymore i think the dumbest thing i did was staying there a little more thinking a house would hold me lol just realized, i played longer than you have i started in 2014 i looked at your record you started in 2015, well not really

Salt: And yet you have a 46% win rate and a 2700 rating. Doesn't the win rate alone tell you something?

A: why would the winrate matter? i can get very unlucky myself and with my team also only about a year ago i found out how to 'actually' play


Salt: This "aggresive scouting" is BS. You scount to support the deployment of the other tanks – that is it. When the team loses its eyes (your light tank) it can be ******* That is why you do NOT play early on aggressibvely.

A: lol i should post this to reddit jk but i see why your mad also by agressive scouting i did very good before like i said i didnt get any other support and was on a map i wasnt completely familiar with besides its not like this happened to others before

Salt: I'm not mad. Heck, we won, I was the top scorer and got 5 kills to boot. But I see too many people just ruch to their deaths without having any understanding of what they are doing.

A: i do understand what i do but also sorry for misunderstanding you

Salt: Getting no support is no reason to continue with the ******** You WAIT for the other tanks to fall in behind you. and if not, you fall back before you get in trouble.

A: tried to but i already said i was being stupid thinking a house would hold because some houses in WoT can do that

Salt: The fact that you dies with no hits tells me you do NOT understand what you are doing.

A: look i scouted i got outnumbered did something stupid and died ok its not my entire fault most of the team died also why is this important if its to teach me well your doing a bad job at it also im just playing the game and playing my favorite tank and i bet your playing a tank you like or just grinding it ect. your still playing and enjoying so dont kill someone elses joy

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