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Something so promising turned to dust…

WorldofTanks7 - Something so promising turned to dust...

I’ve been playing for 5 years and with any game, I expect there will be changes to every aspect of the game to keep up with current games. Every long term game does this, so I try to keep an open mind.

So let’s start with the basics. I’m 44 years, play on Xbox 1S, on a 65 inch LG TV. The new overhaul on the graphics, to me, looks absolutely terrible. The tanks look like washed out versions of themselves and the terrain looks overly saturated in contrast. The mini map positioning I can get used to, but the monochrome look of it is more confusing than anything. Let’s not forget half of the friendly team shows up as a grey icon on said map.

Then there are the team and enemy indicators. These indicator chevrons are so small, even on my 65 inch screen, that it is hard to even see where my own team is. The color scheme is a big factor in this for me. The light grey/blue tint is hard to see and is especially annoying when your in a platoon. The green chevrons blend in with the rest of the team. The green and yellow color scheme of the past works much better for this. The enemy team indicator isn’t to hard to see, but is still super small and the color feels more obnoxious…. I miss the red.

The HUD is new… and although I don’t particularly like the layout, has a lot of potential for fine tuning. First, I want my efficiency numbers back. Although they admitted this was a mistake and should be back, the game just isn’t the same without it. While I get why they took out the red (orange now) teams player name over the tank, they should have left that on for the green (blue now) team. It’s much easier to communicate if I can see who’s in front of me without pointing my turret at them first, just to see their name in an oversized box showing their tank stats in the bottom right.

All skills on the crews seem much more worthwhile, but at the cost of losing our super crews? If someone spends a ton of time building up a set of crews, why limit it to 9 skills? This makes no sense to punish dedicated and long term players. Skill slots should be increased and if so, I bet people will be a lot happier.

Arty.. holy shit when I say that when I heard arty can aim within a few short seconds, I thought it was exaggerated. Wow was I wrong. With just a few skills added to my crew in my T92 HMC, I became an absolute harbinger of sky cancer. I could turn my entire tank, aim in, and fire with complete accuracy within 3 to 5 seconds. If this is intentional, they need a serious overhaul in damage because this is absolute insanity. It’s bad enough that an arty like this can one shot pretty much anything on a lucky hit, but this takes it to a whole new level of fuckery.


As for game play beyond that, I have no issue with losing complete sight of a tank that’s behind something, where as before I still could see the enemy indicator, showing how he was moving. This offers a completely new and rather fun challenge to overcome. Same for being able to go top down, fire and pulling back. This is probably my favorite change since it offers more skill based gameplay than just tracking what u can’t already see directly. I also like the fact that you can’t see what tank your fighting unless your looking right at it and either recognize it, or reading your big block of information on your targeting HUD. Now you have to think and take precaution, possibly not knowing exactly what your up against.

The garage looks like shit. It looks like some post apocalyptic scene and the menu system within is also clunky af. The crew system makes no sense, but shows most skilled to lowest. You can see the tank assigned to it under the commander picture, but you cannot access that crew directly thru the tank screen. If they add this, it’ll take care a lot of issues during this transition of adding skills to a crew in tank you want to play next. Right now, if you highlight the tank you want to play, then go to the commander screen, it’ll be the first one that shows up, so that’s a start.

The reverting to gold for premium rounds after making any change to consumables or equipment is fucking shady. This is either a bug or a big fuck you to the player base. This can be actionable in court since the primary source of gold is real money; real money needs to have consent before withdrawn. This needs to change quickly.

There is a ton of potential to turn this around and make this a completely acceptable and positive experience. Until then I would rather see things revert to the state it was in before. I’m all about changes, but changes this extreme should have been tested extensively and feedback from the players should have been deeply considered. Players like us determine the fate of a game. If your going to release something, make sure you test it expensively or watch the majority leave like they did with Marvel Avengers. Positive implementation of +1/-1 would have been a great start, the same thing we’ve been asking for time and time again.

I’ll keep playing, but my wallet is closed until further improvements are made, especially visually.


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